Lucky Egg Option Added to Friendship XP Level Up Screen

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In an amazing quality of life update, Niantic have added a brand new button to the friendship level up screen, allowing you to add a Lucky Egg and obtain the extra XP,  even if you didn’t know you were levelling up!

This is a really incredible update, with trainers often reporting issues of being unable to coordinate for their friendship XP, or being ‘sniped’ by people who open without notifying them, causing them to lose out on the extra XP that a Lucky Egg can bring with it.

Now when the friendship level up notification pops up, you will be asked if you want to put on a Lucky Egg, doubling your XP. No more a wild dash hoping to get it on before the notification pops up, you can add it and get the XP no matter what now!

Credit to freshbutter99 on twitter for the screenshot

It isn’t clear yet whether this is slowly rolling out to all trainers, or if it is live for all, so let us know if you have this update! Friendship Level Ups are a great way to grind XP, and the easiest way to grind to level 40 in particular. XP can be so valuable, and now you won’t miss out on any bonus XP.

This is another great quality of life update, following the recent additions of the long awaited Ready button for raids, and the Heal All/Revive All buttons. 2024 is already proving to be a good year for updates for Pokémon GO, we can’t wait to see what comes next!

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