Niantic Testing Ready to Raid Button in Select Cities

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Hello Trainers!

Big News! The feature that you have all been asking for is finally on the horizon! Niantic has just announced that they are testing a “Ready to Raid” button in the London, Osaka City, and Suita City areas. A feature that first appeared in the code back in June.

In the tweet, they say that trainers in those areas will be able to tap a button above their raid party to skip to a 10-second raid countdown trainer once everybody in the raid lobby indicates that they are ready.

Early reports on Twitter indicate that this ready button is not available if you are the only person in the raid lobby. The second screenshot in the below tweet from ZoëTwoDots shows the error message you get when you attempt to “Ready Up” when you are the only person in the lobby.

Zoë also mentioned that they were able to test the feature with some other trainers they were with and that the function works with both local and remote raids!

This is a massive quality-of-life update that is long overdue, and we’re very excited to see it officially tested by Niantic. A while back the button appeared for some users, but there was no official word on if it was released by accident or a shadow test.  Either way, it’s officially here now and we are excited!  How about you? Are you excited to see this feature rolled out in your area?

We are. That’s all for now, Stay safe out there trainers.

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