New Paldean Pokémon Revealed: Bellibolt & Greavard!

With the release of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet creeping up on us, the Pokémon Company have been keeping up the exciting Pokémon reveals to get us hyped for our trip to the Paldea Region. We’ve had two Pokémon revealed recently, both via trailers on YouTube, but in very different ways!


The most recent new reveal takes the form of a ‘found footage’ style teaser. It follows a student from Paldea out at night, looking for a new Ghost type Pokémon they’ve never seen before. After being surprised by a Mimikyu, and Gengar (confirming both will be in the new games), an adorable dog with a candle on it’s head appears! The student is charmed by the currently unnamed Ghost type, and when it asks to play they happily throw a stick, before revealing they are feeling pretty tired. A final stick throw has them drop to the ground, unconscious, the playful pooch has tricked them to steal their energy! Not so cute after all.

This haunting doggo is known as Greavard, and it is a pure Ghost type Pokémon. It is shown hiding underground with only their candle showing, before leaping out to surprise trainers. It has the ability Pickup, and is known as the Ghost Dog Pokémon.

We’re really intrigued to see if this Pokémon will evolve, and to get more information about it. For a Ghost it is very different to the typical designs we expect, with it’s cuteness being it’s greatest weapon. Will it evolve?! Watch the full trailer below to see this doggo not being a good boy!


We meet Bellibolt thanks to Electric type Gym Leader and influencer Iono! Iono’s official description on the Scarlet and Violet website states ‘Iono is the Gym Leader of Levincia, one of the Paldea region’s prominent cities, specializing in Electric-type Pokémon. She’s also known as the Supercharged Streamer, having gained popularity as the host of the Iono Zone—she even streams her work as a Gym Leader and seems to place great emphasis on viewer engagement on her channel and the number of views she gets.’

Rather amusingly, the Pokémon Company used two trailers to reveal Bellibolt, with the first being Iono engaging in some classic influencer clickbait, and not actually revealing her adorable buddy Bellibolt at all, and just teasing at them. The second trailer was the proper reveal.

Bellibolt is known as the EleFrog Pokémon, and is a pure Electric type. It has the abilities Electromorphosis and Static, and is known to shoot electricity from their bellybutton!

Interestingly, the white round eye-shaped protrusions on Bellibolt’s head are not actually their eyes! Their eyes are the small yellow markings above their mouth, but it uses the eye-shaped bumps to appear cute to others.

The trailer below is gameplay footage for Iono and Bellibolt, so you can see how this chonk gets around and uses their attacks!


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