New Series ‘Pokémon Concierge’ Coming Soon to Netflix

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A brand new Pokémon series is coming soon to Netflix, ‘Pokémon Concierge’. Set at a resort for Pokémon on a southern island, this is the story of a new concierge named Haru, who gradually discovers herself as she and her fellow staff members scramble to attend to the various Pokémon guests. It premieres on Netflix on Thursday, 28th December 2023.

  • Directed by Iku Ogawa
  • Written by Harumi Doki
  • Concept Art/Character Design: Tadahiro Uesugi
  • Production by: dwarf studios
  • Theme Song: “Have a Good Time Here” by Mariya Takeuchi

This is the first time Netflix and The Pokémon Company have collaborated, along with Dwarf Studio who previously worked with Netflix on Rilakkuma and Kaoru. Each episode is between 14 and 20 minutes, and it features a really unique style, made using stop-motion animation.

“I’m sure we’ve all [felt like] we are bombarded, under pressure, or that we don’t want to get up and keep doing what we’ve been doing and just give up, But when you see [the show], it’s really therapeutic and it makes you want to try and be the best you can be.” said by Haru’s voice actor Rena Nōnen.

Netflix describes Pokémon Concierge in the following way: ‘Welcome to Pokémon Resort, a peaceful getaway for Pokémon to relax and have fun. Which adorable guest will the new concierge Haru befriend and help first?’ Haru has to figure out the best ways to determine what each Pokémon needs for their stay, which is tricky, because Pokémon typically only communicate in fairly limited ways linguistically, using their own names or making noises.

This new series looks adorable in the stop-motion animation style, and looks to explore the world of Pokémon in a new way, with humans seeing what they can do for Pokémon, with no battling in sight. Will you be watching this new series? The adorable fuzzy Psyduck has me sold!

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