November Pokémon Go Box Analysis


With shiny Regis in raids from Nov 1st – Nov 4th, and Cobalion making it’s debut afterwards, raid passes are in high demand! Luckily, these boxes do a decent job of presenting us with a sustainable amount of raid passes. Let’s take a look at what this round has to offer.

Box Analysis

Items Special Ultra
Raid Passes 4 17
Egg Incubators
Super Incubators 1 2
Star Pieces 2
Lure Modules
Lucky Eggs 3
Max Potions 10
Total Price 480 1480

For calculation purposes, we always price Lucky Eggs at 63 apiece to better represent their bulk price. Max Potions are priced at 20 apiece, derived from the in-game shop price of 10 for 200 coins. That said, having 17 raid passes in this Ultra Box is a great amount! Though the rest of the box does not look so great, those who are raid pass focused may consider picking up one of these boxes to shiny hunt the Regis, or to restock your bag since Darkrai and the costumed starters have now left raids. For the low-coin player, 4 raid passes + a super incubator and a few star pieces is a decent deal.

Analysis Special Ultra
Total Worth 700 2489
Coins Saved Per Box 220 1009
Coins Saved from Incubators and Raid Passes 120 620
% Saved 31.4% 40.5%
% Saved from Incubators and Raid Passes 20% 29.5%

Adventure Box

Items Quantity
Super Incubators 12
Lucky Eggs 3
Egg Incubators 4
Max Potions 10

This Adventure Box is still not living up to some Adventure Boxes of the past! Sporting a total mix of 16 Egg Incubators, this box would allow you to hatch 48 eggs, which is not a bad haul for the mini Colossal Discovery event, which features 2x incubator efficiency. The normal boxes are very devoid of Incubators this time around, however, making this the best box for those who want to spend their time hatching eggs.

Analysis Adventure
Total Worth 3389
Coins Saved Per Box 1909
Coins Saved from Incubators 1520
% Saved 56.3%
% Saved from Incubators 50.66%

Overall, the Special and Ultra Boxes are not bad deals, but the Adventure Box leaves a bit to be desired. What do you say? Will you be picking up one of these boxes (or a few)?

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