PoGO Streamers GrantnAlex 12 Hour Daily Adventure Incense Grind!

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This weekend was Sinnoh Tour Los Angeles, bringing with it a brand new in-game mechanism, Adventure Effects. We’ve discussed in detail Spacial Rend vs Roar of Time, and Pokémon GO streamer couple Grant and Alex have already put Roar of Time to incredible use, completing a whopping 12 hours of Daily Adventure Incense!

Roar of Time will disrupt time when activated, and pause the timers of Incense, Daily Adventure Incense, Lucky Eggs and Star Pieces for 6 minutes.

On one Daily Adventure Incense each, Grant and Alex reported catching over 1000 Pokémon, over a distance of over 13km on one Incense! A truly incredible feat, and not an activity for the faint hearted. They report their best catch as a shiny Combee, sadly a male.

In comments replying to interactions on twitter, they confirm that they encountered multiple Galarian Legendary Birds on each of their individually run Daily Adventure Incenses.

“7 [Galarian Birds] for Alex and 3 for Grant, no catch’s though lol saving master balls for XXL XXS or potential hundo cp”

If you are also hoping for a perfect CP Galarian Legendary Bird, we have a handy guide you can favourite that lists all potential hundo CPs here.

This is a really impressive use of Roar of Time, and shows how viable it is to potentially use for an incredibly serious grind session! Given that Roar of Time costs a massive 5000 Stardust, and 5 Diagla Candy for only six minutes pause on the timer, this is a costly grind session. An hour will set you back 50,000 Stardust and 50 Dialga Candy, so this 12 hour session cost 600,000 Stardust and 600 Dialga Candy!

How long will it be before we see the first wild YouTube 24 hour challenge using Roar of Time? We suspect it won’t be long! Which Adventure Effect are you most looking forward to, Roar of Time or Spacial Rend? They are proving they can be game changing, albeit expensive ones!

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