Pokemon Go Travel Returns in 2018: a mysterious Research Tour

In a recent tease from the Pokemon Go Youtube channel themselves, we see the valiant return of the Pokemon Go Travel! 2017 brought us a fantastic event last year in the form of a Global Catch Challenge, where trainers all over the world had to catch 3 billion Pokemon in just 7 days!

This unlocked regional Pokemon Farfetch’d for the world, and Kangaskhan for East Asia, one of the best event rewards to date. The ins and outs of that event can be found here if you want to read on it: Pokemon GO Travel Event and Global Catch Challenge (2017)

This year however, we already see something different happening, highlighting events and field research. The title ‘Research Incoming’ makes us immediately think of the special research tasks we had to complete to catch the ever elusive, mythical Pokemon Mew.

Well, we can work with what we have, right? Let’s see what we can find in the video.

  • Four months: June, July, August, and September
  • 4 cities: We can assume; Dortmund, Chicago, Yokusuka and ???
  • 4 events: This one is interesting, as it lists; Go Fest, Safari Zone (Yokosuka and Dortmund?) and Community Day. Is there another event we are missing or does Safari Zone account for all the events? Only time will tell.
  • Research Tour Sticker. Vague and placed just barely in view as the camera pans up at the end of the video, looks like, as if we did not already know based on the previously announced summer tour tasks, this is going to be a summer of completing research tasks.

That’s all we know for now folks, definitely a tease on Pokemon Go’s end. For more information on what is coming out this summer, we highly suggest you review the summer tour article, Pokémon GO Summer Tour 2018: Global Event Challenges and Upcoming Shinies announced. This summer is going to be a fun one!