Junichi Masuda, series producer, director and composer, shed some light on future integration of core games and Pokemon GO. Not only that, he also confirmed that Ditto is not in the game yet.

Pokemon GO and Pokemon Sun and Moon

According to Masuda, they are looking into ways to have “some kind of connectivity, some way the games can interact”. He acknowledges that the success of Pokemon GO is tremendous, reaching a wider audience than handheld Pokemon games did ever before.

In his own words:


“We want people who picked up Pokémon and learned about it through Pokémon Go to also play Sun and Moon and the main series games. We want to have a kind of way to connect the two, or have a way for people who enjoyed one to enjoy some of their progress in the other. But that will definitely come down the road.

In case you didn’t know, Masuda is one of the people who worked on the physics behind ball throwing mechanics and everything like that. This makes news coming from him even more relevant and important.

For the last time, Ditto is not in the game yet

One of the questions Masuda answered was “do you know how to find Ditto”. He did not answer either positive or negative, but confirmed that they have some plans for Ditto:

“In terms of Ditto, we’ve got some ideas – that’s really all I can say”

We’ve already reported that Ditto is not in the game and we got burned once with fake “tipsters” dropping “Ditto in Africa bombs” on us. For the last time, there is no Ditto in game currently.

Are Alola forms coming to Pokemon GO?

As both Hanke and Masuda expressed a wish to connect core games and PoGO, but also to engage player in movement and exploration, we can’t think of anything else but this: Alolan forms could be coming to Pokemon GO.

Alola forms are only applicable for first generation Pokemon and Pokemon GO has only first generation currently. Alolan forms are region specific by default. Pokemon GO loves region exclusives.

Go and get that Alolan Vulpix in Nepal (once it’s not region locked)!