Trainers, as announced earlier, a new set of Eevee themed raid bosses has started appearing in Pokemon GO’s raids! All of the new Eevee bosses are Tier 3 raids and you should be able to solo them with teams of level 30+ Pokemon without much trouble. In order to help our readers figure out which Pokemon are used to counter which Eeveelution, we’ve updated all of our related raid guides!

What raid boss should you pursue? Well, given that you can solo most of these bad boys, with the exception of Umbreon, we suggest going for an Eeveelution that fills your missing Type coverage. Having solid type coverage is becoming more and more important in Pokemon GO, and we feel these raid bosses are solid fillers for most mono-typed Battle Parties. Especially if you get a solid Espeon or Flareon.

A full listing of new raid bosses can be found here (thanks CoupleOfGaming!):

Raid Bosses (Eevee theme, November 2018)
Raid Bosses (Eevee theme, November 2018)

Reminder: a shiny Alolan Raichu is now also available in raids!

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