Shaymin Research Texts and Sustainability Week 2023 Texts discovered by data miners


Another week, another leak – at least when it comes to the Pokémon GO network traffic. The PokéMiners have reported that a number of new translation strings have been added to the game, with references to the upcoming Sustainability Week 2023 event, a potential global Shaymin research quest line, and something called “External Boxes”.

We are not sure what the story is here, especially when it comes to Shaymin. Sky Forme Shaymin was released a Special Research quest line during Pokémon GO Fest 2022 Berlin, and we were waiting for a global release ever since. We certainly hope this is a sign of things to come tho.

Aside from Shaymin and Sustainability Week 2023, we got some new loading screen tips and a few minor text fixes (remember those?). Keep in mind that anything that is data mined is subject to change, not endorsed by Niantic, and should never be considered confirmed or official information.

Sustainability Week Research Titles

Sustainability Week
Sustainability Week 2023

Surprise, surprise, the Sustainability Week 2023 Timed Research will be a four stage research quest line, titled Sustainability Week (#/4). Pretty sweet, and somewhat expected, but it will give everyone a bit to do. Do note that there seems to be no special research for Sustainability Week this year.

+RESOURCE ID: earthweek_2023_tr_0
+TEXT: Sustainability Week (1/4)

+RESOURCE ID: earthweek_2023_tr_1
+TEXT: Sustainability Week (2/4)

+RESOURCE ID: earthweek_2023_tr_2
+TEXT: Sustainability Week (3/4)

+RESOURCE ID: earthweek_2023_tr_3
+TEXT: Sustainability Week (4/4)

External Box Texts

Apparently a new type of boxes is on the horizon, titled “External” boxes. We suspect this has something to do with Niantic launching the Pokémon GO web store recently, and that these boxes could be web store exclusive. We have no idea when they are coming to the game, but we expect in the next few weeks. After all, Swinub Community Day Classic (April 2023) takes place soon, so it makes sense to push the Ultra Community Day Box then.

+RESOURCE ID: external_box_name_1
+TEXT: Ultra Legend Box

+RESOURCE ID: external_box_name_2
+TEXT: Great Voyager Box

+RESOURCE ID: external_box_name_3
+TEXT: Solstice Box

+RESOURCE ID: external_box_name_4
+TEXT: Ultra Community Day Box

+RESOURCE ID: external_box_name_default
+TEXT: Special Item Box

 RESOURCE ID: external_reward_box_text
-TEXT: Received {0} items from {1}
+TEXT: Received {0} items from the {1}

Global Shaymin Research Texts

If this data mine is to be believed, the global Shaymin Special Research will be called Grass and Gratitude, and it will be a seven steps long quest line leading up to encountering Shaymin. 

Here are the titles:

Grass and Gratitude

Grass and Gratitude (1/7)

Grass and Gratitude (2/7)

Grass and Gratitude (3/7)

Grass and Gratitude (4/7)

Grass and Gratitude (5/7)

Grass and Gratitude (6/7)

Grass and Gratitude (7/7)

And here are the texts for each stage of the Shaymin Special Research:

Grass and Gratitude (1/7)


Hey there, %PLAYERNAME%!


I’m so glad you’re here. Get this—there’ve been sightings of Shaymin in the area!


Well, it might be more accurate to say “potential sightings,” as I’ve yet to verify the information.


Shaymin lives in common flower patches but is rarely noticed. It’s often mistaken for a flowering plant when curled up—what unique behavior for a Mythical Pokémon!


I can’t help but wonder if we’d know more about Shaymin if only we were a little more observant.


Let’s put that theory to the test and see what we can learn taking a good look around the area, shall we?

Grass and Gratitude (2/7)


How did it go, %PLAYERNAME%? Any chance you ran into Shaymin while you were out?


No? Well, that’s OK! I see you got some good snapshots of other Pokémon in the meantime.


Hmm… That gets me thinking. As you might know, the flowers all over Shaymin burst into bloom if it’s lovingly hugged and senses gratitude.


I hypothesize that if we take the time to share some thankfulness, we’ll attract Shaymin’s attention.


Not that we need any excuse to celebrate Pokémon, I say! In fact, how about we appreciate them in photo form with some more snapshots, %PLAYERNAME%?

Grass and Gratitude (3/7)


Your snapshots look great, %PLAYERNAME%! You’ve got a real knack for catching Pokémon—both in Poké Balls and on camera!


And y’know what else you’ve got a knack for? Pokémon battles!


I’m sure you already know that one of the ways you can keep your team in tip-top shape is by powering up your Pokémon. Why don’t you do that and come see me when you’re done?

Grass and Gratitude (4/7)


Welcome back, %PLAYERNAME%!


I was just thinking about Shaymin again. One of the many things that makes Shaymin so special is that it has two known forms.


I refer, of course, to its Land Forme and Sky Forme. Land Forme Shaymin is Grass-type, but when it turns into Sky Forme Shaymin, it becomes Grass- and Flying-type.


Some say that it transforms when it takes in the scent of a rare flower.


Perhaps you’re wondering what would happen if a human took a whiff. A researcher from long ago tried just that, but alas, his body remained unchanged.


Ah well. Not all hypotheses hold water. That’s just part of the scientific process!


And speaking of learning, why don’t you spend some time with other Grass-type Pokémon and Flying-type Pokémon? Maybe they’ll inspire you to make some hypotheses of your own!

Grass and Gratitude (5/7)


Excellent work, %PLAYERNAME%. Now you’ve got even more Pokémon to bring along on your journey!


In the spirit of Shaymin being the Gratitude Pokémon, let’s show some gratitude to our old and newfound friends alike.


How about taking some snapshots with your Pokémon or feeding them some tasty Berries? I know my beloved Meltan always enjoys a snack—maybe your Pokémon are the same!

Grass and Gratitude (6/7)


Your Pokémon are positively glowing, %PLAYERNAME%! I’m sure they appreciated that extra quality time with you.


The more time I spend with Pokémon, the more I appreciate all their unique qualities.


For example, Torchic is oh-so-cuddly. It has fire burning inside it, so hugging it is lovely and warm. Then there’s Mudkip, who contains amazing power—it can crush rocks bigger than itself.


I could also wax poetic about Treecko, whose feet are covered by countless tiny spikes, enabling it to walk on walls and ceilings.


And that’s just a scant three Pokémon! I’d love to hear your observations too, %PLAYERNAME%. What unique Pokémon and traits can you observe?

Grass and Gratitude (7/7)


%PLAYERNAME%! Yay—it’s Shaymin!


It looks happy—I daresay even grateful—to be in the care of an exemplary Trainer like you!


And as long as we’re on the subject, I want you to know I’m incredibly thankful you helped me with my research.


I know it’s not always easy, but I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate your contributions to my studies.


Studies that never end, I might add. Haha. So rest up, and I’ll be in contact again soon.


Let’s GO…with gratitude!

Smaller additions

Quest Text

+RESOURCE ID: quest_battle_gbl_singular 
+TEXT: Battle in the GO Battle League

Loading Screen Tips

+RESOURCE ID: tips_loading_screen_battle_switch_charged_move 
+TEXT: Switch out Pokémon during battle to utilize your battle party’s different Charged Attacks. 

+RESOURCE ID: tips_loading_screen_raid_party_prep 
+TEXT: Prepare a battle party in advance to lock in your strategy before challenging a Raid Boss.

Minor Text Fixes

RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_togetic_1_1 
-TEXT: You see, research says that Togetic appear in front of kindly people to scatter a glowing down called "joy dust,” showering them with happiness. 
+TEXT: You see, research says that Togetic appear in front of kindly people to scatter a glowing down called “joy dust,” showering them with happiness. 

RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_togetic_1_4 
-TEXT: But, first things first. A kindhearted Trainer—or Professor—doesn’t forget to take care of Pokémon. 
+TEXT: But first things first. A kindhearted Trainer—or Professor—doesn’t forget to take care of Pokémon.
RESOURCE ID: squash_toast 
-TEXT: You've reached your daily limit of Remote Raids. Walk closer to interact with this Gym. 
+TEXT: You’ve reached your daily limit of Remote Raids. Walk closer to interact with this Gym.
RESOURCE ID: story_quest_rockethq14_2_2 
-TEXT: I know I do, but we can’t rest just yet. We need to stop Team GO Rocket at their source—the Leaders. 
+TEXT: I know I do, but we can’t rest just yet. We need to stop Team GO Rocket at their source—the leaders.

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