Pokemon GO Trainer Battles
Pokemon GO Trainer Battles

Today, we’re lucky to have a Special Guest Writer; Admin of the Gurgaon community and participant of the New Delhi Silph Arena Regional tournament, Joshv009, is going to give us a full rundown of how all six of the Indian Regional tournaments played out, who’s on their way to the World Finals at Go Fest, and how they claimed victory:

Written By Joshv009 for the Pokémon Go Community India

As Pokémon Go released its PvP feature, Trainers across the world, who have been interested in PvP have had only one question in mind, “Who is going to be the very best, like no one ever was?”.

With the launch of The Silph Arena, all these PvP enthusiasts finally had a platform on which to battle it out and test their mettle. India was no different in this universal search for the best. The Season started with the Boulder Cup in January followed by the Twilight Cup in February then the Tempest Cup in March & finally the Kingdom Cup in April. Each Tournament allowing their own sets of unique four typings of Pokémon to participate.

Locations across India started to host tournaments, giving the participants a platform on which to test their teams and battle it out. Finally, towards the End of April, the host communities were selected and finalized. 6 locations spread across India, became eligible to host the Season 1 Silph Arena Regional tournaments in which an overall 77 Trainers who received invites were able to participate. The tournaments were held in six cities across the country, over a period of 15 days.


The Silph Arena Regional – Season 1 (India)

City/Pogo Communities Participants Date
Mumbai 19 12th May, 2019
New Delhi 15 18th May, 2019
Bangalore 13 25th May, 2019
Lucknow 8 25th May, 2019
Kolkata 11 25th May, 2019
Chennai 11 26th May, 2019

Mumbai Chapter (12th May, 2019)

Host: Pokémon GO Mumbai League
Community Leader: Abhijit Biswas and 10 others
Participants: 19

The biggest Pokémon Go community in India witnessed the most invitations and turnout for the tournaments held in India, with a total of 20 player registrations. With a turnout of 19 due to one having to cancel at the last minute, the tournament had some of the top-ranked players in the country. Amongst them was GaryOakPT, whose highest Global rank was #22 and is still the highest ranked player in India.

The Mumbai tournament was a very close and intense battle with a breathtaking 4-way tie between Varunpokefan, 01Alta, VinitPatel50, and NihalKing.

After conducting rounds between them as per the Silph Arena guidelines for the regional tournament, 01Alta was victorious.

Tournament Champion: 01Alta

Tournament Representative: BLuEBL0ODED

Link to the tournament

Tournament Champion’s team of 6:

Silph Arena Regionals India. Mumbai tournament winner's team
Mumbai tournament winner’s team

Delhi Chapter (18th May, 2019)

Host: Pokémon Go Delhi
Community Leader: Aakash Khatter
Participants: 15

Followed by Mumbai was the Capital of India, New Delhi. With an equally fierce level of competition, rivals old and new battled it out to become the Champion in Delhi. In a four round battle, ‘DrT3RR0R’ and ‘TheExplorer27’ went into the fourth round as the only undefeated trainers in the tournament. In an extremely close match ‘TheExplorer27’ clutched the victory from the hands of ‘DrT3RR0R’, thereby becoming the Champion of the Delhi Regional Tournament. As the Champion was unable to travel for the Qualifiers, the Runner up was nominated as the Regional Representative going for the World Championship Qualifiers

Tournament Champion: TheExplorer27

Tournament Representative: DrT3RR0R

Link to the tournament

Tournament Champion’s team of 6:

Silph Arena Regionals India. Delhi tournament winner's team
Delhi tournament winner’s team

Bangalore Chapter (25th May, 2019)

Host: Pokémon Go Bangalore
Community leader: Aral Lobo
Participants: 13

Bangalore, being one of the most active cities in India, played host to one of the most fiercely contested tournaments in the country. With 13 players checking in at the tournament, the Regionals saw 4 rounds of continuous action with Saif00nightfury being the only undefeated trainer at the end of all rounds. What was most exciting to see was the number of Pokémon players who came from across the city, to cheer and support their favorite players.

Tournament Champion: Saif00nightfury

Tournament Representative: Saif00nightfury

Link to the tournament

Tournament Champion’s team of 6:

Silph Arena Regionals India. Bangalore tournament winner's team
Bangalore tournament winner’s team
Silph Arena Regionals India. Photo of the Bangalore community members
Bangalore tournament participants

Lucknow Chapter (25th May, 2019)

Host: Pokémon Go Lucknow
Community leader: Shantanu
Participants: 8

As a city etched in history, Lucknow has a small and yet extremely passionate community of players. The community witnessed 8 participants registering for the Regional Tournament with an overall three rounds of matches. Aviishrant took the competition by storm going unbeaten 3 – 0 in the tournament, and took the cup.

Tournament Champion: Aviishrant

Tournament Representative: TBD

Link to the tournament

Tournament Champions team of 6:

Silph Arena Regionals India. Lucknow tournament winner's team
Lucknow tournament winner’s team
Silph Arena Regionals India. Photo of the Lucknow community members
Lucknow tournament top 3

Kolkata Chapter (25th May, 2019)

Host: Kolkata Raid Squad
Community leader:: Raunak, Akaash and 3 more
Participants: 11

Kolkata, the city of joy, held its regional tournament on 25th May at Deshapriya Park. With 11 fierce competitors, the tournament was a big hit. Each round was intense and went down to the last wire. In the final round, it was the battle between ArnabLeoRoy and Ron2020 (both at 3 wins) for the crown of the regional champion. ArnabLeoRoy (Global rank #517) came out on the top securing 4 out of 4 wins and winning the Regional.

Tournament Champion: ArnabLeoRoy

Tournament Representative: TBD

Link to the tournament

Tournament Champions team of 6:

Silph Arena Regionals India. Kolkata tournament winner's team
Kolkata tournament winner’s team

Chennai Chapter (26th May, 2019)

Host: Poké Raids – Chennai
Community leader: Cyril
Participants: 11

The Last Regional tournament to be held in India was in Chennai, where all the competitors had ample time to plan their strategies and teams. The intense battle amongst the top trainers saw Om2ash go into the fourth round of the tournament still undefeated, and set up to take the trophy. However, the other competitors were not going to let it be that easy. After the conclusion of the fourth round, the tournament resulted in an extremely close 4-way tie between Xcepti0n, DreamsterIrshad, Om2ash, and Leo112496. With DreamsterIrshad being the highest ranked player as well, he was declared finally as the Tournament Champion.

Tournament Champion: DreamsterIrshad

Tournament Representative: TBD

Link to the tournament

Tournament Champions team of 6:

Silph Arena Regionals India. Chennai tournament winner's team
Chennai tournament winner’s team
Silph Arena Regionals India. Photo of the Chennai community members
Chennai community members

As the tournaments for Season 1 concluded across India, and the reps look forward to the upcoming World Championship. We hope to see many more talented trainers hidden across India take up the challenge to participate in more tournaments to finally represent the country as one of its finest PvP players in the future World Championships and become the ‘very best like no one ever was!’.

This is Joshv009 for the Pokémon Go Community India, signing out.