We’re starting a new series titled “The Weekly Wrap Up” where we share the best news, guides and reader submitted pictures from the past seven days.

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Important News

  • Kangaskhan is available in select European cities until August 21, in part due to the rescheduling of August Safari Zone events. This mini event includes increased rare spawns and the following Unown letter spawns: E, U, R, O, P, E
  • Ho-Oh, Mewtwo, Raikou, Entei and Suicune base capture rates removed from the Game Master, indicating that Zapdos will be the last Legendary Bird to be released this summer
  • Pokémon GO was mysteriously tested in China, similar to how it was tested in Japan and India prior to release. No news, dates or confirmations have been shared by Niantic
  • Pokémon GO park has been announced! Yokohama will be host to another Pokémon GO event, lasting from Aug 9 – 15 and featuring two separate locations with increased Johto and Kanto spawns.
  • Pokémon GO is doing really well in both platform App stores, sales skyrocket with the release of Legendary Pokémon!

    Pokémon GO Gross Earnings following GO Fest
    Pokémon GO Gross Earnings following GO Fest

Important New Guides

Zapdos is coming very soon, so preparations are in order! We’re still not giving up on Ho-Oh, even though it’s Base Capture Rate was removed. Niantic could be hiding their legs for Pokémon GO Stadium.

Pokemon GO Zapdos RaidZapdos Raid Guide Ho-Oh Pokémon GO Raid BossHo-Oh Raid Guide

Best tweets and pictures

David Moleski created a great spreadsheet featuring Max CP values and other useful statistics for all seven Pokémon generations. As we really liked the spreadsheet, we’re including his Tweet here:

The amazing “Moltres Hype image” that woke us up on Monday:

This funny map depicting Niantic’s appreciation for Eastern Europe:

And that’s it for this Weekly Wrap Up! See you next week!