Pokémon Sleep: Adjustments and New Features… and New Island Announced?

A series of adjustments, new features, and a brand new Research Area Island have been announced for Pokémon Sleep, coming soon! Further features and adjustments will be announced in Spring 2024.

Coming in the Next Update General icon

Adjustments to Pokémon Sleep coming in the next update are as follows:

  • A function to give out rewards such as Poké Biscuits at no cost through a Daily Gift
  • Adjustments to make it easier to pick up Berries and ingredients by flicking
  • A holiday event

This is listed as a ‘partial list’, so there may be other quality of life updates not listed here. Daily Gifts will be a very welcomed update, it can be a tricky game to grind, especially for free-to-play researchers. Some Pokémon also are awkward to collect berries and ingredients from, so fingers crossed the ‘flicking’ reference make it easier when the items to collect are underneath the Pokémon!

Coming Soon General icon

A variety of updates are being worked on at present with the intent of them coming soon, including:

  • A function that allows the whole team to eat cooked dishes together (recovering a small bit of Energy)
  • A function that allows you to check cooking recipes at any time
  • Adding new Pokémon and a new area, Lapis Lakeside
  • Adding new ingredients and recipes

Again, a great selection of updates! Anything that helps energy recovery is a fantastic addition, being able to see recipes without going into the cooking screen will be a brilliant QoL update, new ingredients and recipes is exciting, but more importantly of all… a new island!

Lapis Lakeside

Lapis Lakeside has been announced as a new upcoming area. Currently there are four research islands, with many trainers having unlocked them all, so this will be something higher level trainers can work towards unlocking. Hopefully we see some different berry types preferred by this new Snorlax as we have several types in games at present that Snorlax doesn’t have as a set preference on any island. A ‘lapis’ is a shortened word for lapis lazuli, a type of semi-precious gemstone that is a deep blue colour with gold running through it that is typically found in mines in Afghanistan. The name Lakeside suggests there will be a lake featured here, and as we already have Cyan Beach, could this be very different sort of lake setting? Lakes can be found in caves, which would fit with the ‘lapis’ theme. With Lapis Lazuli having such a famous blue colour, maybe a blue gemstone covered cave and lake? Hype!

Known issues slated for improvement in the future

  • A function to make Pokémon you’ve befriended feel closer to you (good things happen when more sleeping time is shared)

Free Gift! Shop icon

Pokémon Sleep are giving each player* a gift as a token of their gratitude. You can accept it by tapping on the gift box icon in the upper right of the main menu.

*Players who registered before

The gift includes the following:

  • Poké Biscuit ×10
  • Sleep point ×1,000
  • Dream Cluster M ×2
  • Handy Candy S ×20

An awesome free gift! We recommend holding off on using up your Handy Candy S just yet, with the Candy Boost coming in the Holiday 2023 event.

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