New Pokemon Sword and Shield Trailer Highlights Galar Region Pokemon

Pokemon Sword and Shield
Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield logos

A new trailer for Pokemon Sword and Shield was shared on the Japanese Pokemon Youtube account, highlighting new Pokemon coming in the Galar region and emphasizing the new Gigantamaxing mechanic that will be available for select Galar species.

The trailer clocks in at 1:11 minutes and brings a handful of new scenes that were never seen before. From Gigantamaxed Drednaw and Max Raid highlights to beautiful sights of the new region, this trailer lands as a reassurance that Game Freak is on a path to deliver a strong entry to the franchise. And they should, otherwise fans will revolt once again.


The background music is an excellent choice and we get a first look at some of the new legendary Pokemon animations that are coming in Sword and Shield.

Speaking of animations, the Pokemon community has been in a constant state of rage since the announcement that the whole National Dex won’t be available in Sword and Shield. Game Freak’s original reason was that they are unable to provide proper quality animations for all 800 and some Pokemon in Sword and Shield, which is now backfiring again. (The real reason is that balancing 800 Pokemon in a competitive system is impossible, but let’s forget that for a moment).

Redditors were quick to highlight that Charizard is shooting fire from his shoulder and that Corviknight’s animation is a floating T pose (the default state of almost every 3D model), which is admittedly quite strange when you consider that these are full fledged trailers for a game that’s coming out in roughly four months.

We are certainly not the ones to raise drama or to induce in mass spread criticism, but things like these are bound to be highlighted when the developers make a point about animation quality in their games. That flame should come out of Charizard’s mouth, and that’s everything people care about right now. We know this sounds like a small issue, but in a situation where players are linking videos from N64 in which Charizard shot fire from it’s actual mouth, you can appreciate the upheaval.

Regardless, Sword and Shield will be out on November 15th 2019 with new Pokemon, a limited National Pokedex and a plethora of new zones to explore. You can get the fabled double pack for $120 on Amazon.

I, for one, will enjoy visiting the Wild Area and doing max raids. Sword and Shield will be available on the Nintendo Switch and on the Nintendo Switch Lite: