Pokemon GO Experience Chart

A quick reference experience chart for various player actions. Ever wondered how much Poke Egg rewards experience? Here you go!

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1000 EXP Hatch an egg (10 KM)
500 EXP Hatch an egg (5 KM)
500 EXP Add new Pokemon to Pokedex
500 EXP Pokemon Evolution Experience
200 EXP Hatch an egg (2 KM)
100 EXP Catch Pokemon Experience
100 EXP EXCELLENT! Throw Bonus
100 EXP Catch 100th Pokemon of the same species
100 EXP Defeat enemy Pokemon at a gym (per Pokemon)
50 EXP GREAT! Throw Bonus
50 EXP Use a Pokestop
50 EXP Beating every Pokemon at a gym
10 EXP Curveball Bonus
10 EXP NICE! Throw Bonus


Experience Chart explained

There was a lot of speculation on which player actions yield and how much experience it yields, especially as the game tends to sum all of the recently gained experience into one number. This chart provides accurate and simple numbers and that’s it. If you’re looking for an evolution calculator or items per level rewards, check our other charts also.