How to enable Remember Last-Used Poké Ball


Remember Last-Used Poké Ball is a new Pokémon GO feature that allows Trainers to automatically catch with the type of Poké Ball they used last. Once activated, whatever the type of Poké Ball you last used will be automatically selected at the beginning of your next Pokémon encounter.

This feature is available in Pokémon GO version 0.245 and above, so make sure to update your Pokémon GO to test it out.

How to enable Last-Used Poké Ball

The setting to Remember Last-Used Poké Ball is not enabled by default, and Trainers need to enable this behaviour in the in-game Settings. Tap Settings and scroll down to find the new option:

How to enable Remember Last-Used Poké Ball
How to enable Remember Last-Used Poké Ball

Once activated, the game will keep track of whatever Poké Ball you used last. If you used an Ultra Ball, the game will preselect Ultra Balls next time you encounter a Pokémon.

If you are out of that particular Poké Ball type, the game will default to the old behaviour and offer you the first type which is available – usually regular Poké Balls.

Usage in Raids and with Premier Balls

The new setting does not affect Premier Balls, nor does it affect Raid and Field Research encounters. There are scenarios where it can affect the type of Poké Ball you will use (certain Special Research encounters like Shaymin).

Usage with Pokémon GO Plus devices

Trainers who use the Pokémon GO Plus to auto-catch Pokémon are familiar that GO Plus only uses regular Poké Balls.

We can confirm that GO Plus does not use Ultra or Great balls to catch Pokémon with the setting “Remember Last-Used Poké Ball” turned on.

GO Plus users can spend their regular Poké Balls as they used to, and the game will still respect the last-used setting when encountering Pokémon in-game. You can spend regular Poké Balls with GO Plus, and have an Ultra Ball or Great Ball waiting for you when you try to catch.

For those who are interested in a bit more information, both the GO Plus and Poké Ball Plus are programmed to always use regular Poké Balls:

  • When catching Pokémon using this device, it will only have one attempt in catching the Pokémon. Once you failed to catch it, it will run away.
  • The device will only use Poké Balls in catching Pokémon, and won’t use other Balls when you run out.
  • The catch rate of the Pokémon is the same as using a Poké Ball on a straight throw.
  • It will always prioritize Pokémon over PokéStops.

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