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The Lore of Mew

The Lore of Mew

Mew is the original Mythical Pokémon, introduced in Generation I, the Kanto region. It is known as the ‘New Species Pokémon’ and is a pure Psychic type. It is number 151 in the Pokédex, making it the last Pokémon in the original Pokédex. Mew is incredibly rare, and is said to only appear to those pure of heart.



Mew’s appearance is similar to a vertebrate embryo, with cat-like features. The embryo appearance is fitting, as Mew is said to contain the DNA of all Pokémon. This is what allows Mew to gain access to almost every single Pokémon’s moves. It is often referred to as the ancestor of all Pokémon.

There are several theories for the inspiration for Mew’s name. It could be based on the word ‘Meow’, tying in with the cat inspiration. It could also be taken from the Japanese words 妙 myō (strange/unusual), or mutant (myūtanto). There is also a theory that it could be a play on the words ‘new’ and ‘mystery’.

Legend and Rumour

Mew is a Pokémon that was surrounded by mystery and rumours when it was first released! Mew was kept secret during the original Pokémon games development, even Nintendo was not initially aware that Mew had been included in the games programming. Mew’s creator Shigeki Morimoto created Mew only two weeks before the game was finished.

Shiny Mew is so rare in the main series games that we have a whole article about it, check that out here.

Many players will remember fondly the rumours that swirled about Mew when they played their first Pokémon game. Mew was the stuff of legend! The main rumour was that Mew was hidden by a truck near the S.S. Anne in Vermillion City, and many players spent hours trying to find the Mew hidden underneath this mysterious truck. Sadly Mew was not found under this truck, in fact, nothing was!

Mew was only available via hacking and glitches initially, and for many years the only legitimate way to obtain Mew was via distribution codes during events.

Mew and Ditto have many links, from their original and shiny colours being similar, to both being able to learn the move Transform.

Mew was used to create Mewtwo, making Mewtwo a much more evil clone of the sweet and playful Mew.

It is not known if Mew came before Arceus or not, as despite Mew containing the DNA for all Pokémon, Arceus was described as being alone when it was born. Arceus is the creator of all Pokémon, so Mew may have been created by Arceus.


Mew’s Pokédex entry in Pokémon GO states ‘Mew is said to possess the genetic composition of all Pokémon. It is capable of making itself invisible at will, so it entirely avoids notice even if it approaches people.’

Mew has access to an absolutely massive range of moves because it can learn almost every single move in Pokémon GO. This means Mew can be a really spicy pick for PVP, because the moves it may have will truly be a mystery until they are used!

Mew is a pure Psychic type. This means it is weak to Bug, Dark and Ghost, and is strong against Fighting and Poison types.

Max CP Attack Defense Stamina
3691 210 210 225


Normal Sprite Shiny Sprite