Wailmer and Wailord

Pokémon GO Wailmer and Wailord

Pokémon GO Wailmer and Pokémon GO Wailord are known as “Whale Pokémon”, but are also known as the tallest Pokémon in existence.

Unfortunately, Wailord Max CP is merely 2258, it’s ATK is 175, DEF 87 and STA is 340. We’re talking Snorlax levels of Stamina here, with rough damage output of a Lanturn. Not bad for a whale, eh.

Where to find Wailord in Pokémon GO?

Wailord and Wailmer are sea dwellers, so put on your snorkeling gear. Both Wailmer and Wailord are expected to be available in the Water Biome: beach, coast area, open sea and large bodies of water.

Wailmer and Wailord made their major appearance on the 398th episode of the Pokémon series (Advanced Generation: Episode 124) titled, “Island Time”.

ID Sprite Pokémon ATK DEF HP MAX CP
320 Wailmer   
136 68 260 1424
321 Wailord  
175 87 340 2258

Wailord in the Pokémon GO meta

Yet another budget Vaporeon. Mostly comparable to Lanturn, but without the Electric part, Wailord is expected to be a mediocre addition to the Pokémon GO meta.

Keep in mind that Wailord will have an advantage over ground, rock, and fire type opponents. 

Wailord is not one of the lucky few who gets a mega evolution. So, this is pretty much everything we can get out of this giant Pokémon.

Pokémon GO Wailord Moves

Here are some moves that are expected to be a part of Wailord’s move pool:

  • Hydro Pump water
  • Brine water
  • Avalanche ice
  • Blizzard ice
  • Ice Beam ice
  • Body Slam normal

Here are some moves that might be added to Wailord move pool:

  • Dive water
  • Water Spout water
  • Whirlpool water
  • Scald water
  • Surf water
  • Icy Wind ice
  • Thrash normal
  • Giga Impact normal
  • Snore normal

Shiny Wailmer and Wailord in Pokemon GO

A normal Pokémon GO Wailmer has a dark blue topside and a tan underbelly. It also has white baleen that resembles teeth. A normal Pokémon GO Wailord has a blue colored back which has white spots, and also has a tan underbelly.

A shiny Pokémon GO Wailmer has identical colors as its normal counterpart except for a purple topside. A shiny Pokémon GO Wailord also has identical colors as its normal counterpart except for a purple colored back.

Wailmer Wailord
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