Blastoise Raid Boss

Blastoise is one of the more difficult Tier 4 Raid Bosses in Pokemon GO. It is not soloable and it will take at least 4-5 Trainers with high CP and high HP Pokemon that benefit from SE moves against Blastoise. Blastoise Boss CP is 26291 and it can have Max Capture CP of 1409 (level 20, perfect IV, no weather boost) and 1761 (level 25, perfect iv, weather boosted).

Blastoise Raid Counters

Blastoise is a Water type Pokemon with weakness to Electric and Grass type attacks. Most Blastoise counters are strong Electric types that don’t have to be afraid of Blastoise’s Ice moves. During Sunny weather, Grass counters reign supreme.

Blastoise Counters
Counter Fast Move Charged Move
Pokemon GO RaikouRaikou Thunder Shock Electric Wild Charge Electric
Pokemon GO MagnezoneMagnezone Spark Electric Wild Charge Electric
Pokemon GO ZapdosZapdos Thunder Shock Electric Zap Cannon Electric
Pokemon GO ElectivireElectivire Thunder Shock Electric Wild Charge Electric
Pokemon GO TangrowthTangrowth Vine Whip Grass Solar Beam Grass
Pokemon GO RoseradeRoserade Razor Leaf Grass Grass Knot Grass
Pokemon GO VenusaurVenusaur Vine Whip Grass Frenzy Plant Grass
Pokemon GO LuxrayLuxray Spark Electric Wild Charge Electric
Pokemon GO MewtwoMewtwo Psycho Cut Psychic Thunderbolt Electric
Pokemon GO Exeggutor (Alola)Exeggutor (Alola) Bullet Seed Grass Solar Beam Grass
Pokemon GO SceptileSceptile Bullet Seed Grass Frenzy Plant Grass
Pokemon GO JolteonJolteon Thunder Shock Electric Thunderbolt Electric

Blastoise Raid Counters Explained

Before we go into deeper analysis, remember that Blastoise can’t be soloed. Before joining raid make sure you are using Pokémon with proper movesets. Blastoise takes Super Effective damage from Electric and Grass type Movesets, due to its Water type.

The best Pokemon to fight Blastoise with is Raikou with Thunder Shock / Wild Charge and Magnezone with the appropriate move set. Zapdos, Electivire, Luxray, Mewtwo, and Roserade are also all excellent choices. Both Electric and Grass Pokemon take reduced damage from Water-type moves so are even more-so, the best option to bring along to a Blastoise Raid.

Blastoise has access to the following moves:

Fast Charge
  • Water Gun Water
  • Bite Dark
  • Skull Bash Normal
  • Hydro Pump Water
  • Flash Cannon Steel
  • Ice Beam Ice

The only reasonably dangerous move set is Ice Beam, as it deals super effective damage against Grass type counters and because Ice Beam has two bars, which results in frequent move activations. Ice Beam can be dodged, but it takes some practice to do so.

Raw simulator output

# Pokemon Fast Move Charge Move Time to win Deaths
1. Magnezone Spark Wild Charge 76.8s 2
2. Raikou Thunder Shock Wild Charge 73.9s 2
3. Zapdos Thunder Shock Thunderbolt 75.8s 2
4. Electivire Thunder Shock Wild Charge 72.1s 3
5. Tangrowth Vine Whip Solar Beam 84.7s 2
6. Shaymin Zen Headbutt Grass Knot 84.0s 2
7. Venusaur Vine Whip Frenzy Plant 82.0s 2
8. Luxray Spark Wild Charge 79.0s 3
9. Roserade Razor Leaf Solar Beam 79.0s 3
10. Mewtwo Confusion Thunderbolt 84.1s 3
11. Exeggutor Bullet Seed Solar Beam 87.5s 2
12. Leafeon Razor Leaf Solar Beam 86.1s 3
13. Sceptile Bullet Seed Frenzy Plant 81.3s 3
14. Dialga Dragon Breath Thunder 101.7s 2
15. Exeggutor Confusion Solar Beam 87.9s 3
16. Palkia Dragon Tail Draco Meteor 102.4s 2
17. Breloom Bullet Seed Grass Knot 80.1s 3
18. Jolteon Thunder Shock Thunderbolt 86.8s 3
19. Latios Dragon Breath Solar Beam 92.2s 2
20. Meganium Vine Whip Frenzy Plant 93.9s 3
21. Golem Volt Switch Wild Charge 92.3s 3
22. Groudon Mud Shot Solar Beam 90.7s 3
23. Shaymin Hidden Power Grass Knot 104.1s 2
24. Ludicolo Razor Leaf Solar Beam 105.7s 2
25. Vileplume Razor Leaf Solar Beam 94.4s 3
26. Torterra Razor Leaf Solar Beam 90.7s 3
27. Porygon-Z Charge Beam Solar Beam 89.9s 3
28. Raichu Spark Wild Charge 89.0s 3
29. Manectric Charge Beam Wild Charge 86.8s 4
30. Deoxys Charge Beam Thunderbolt 74.1s 4