Halloween 2022 AR Showcase

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It’s October, which means our annual Halloween themed AR showcase is here! Last month we had the theme ‘favourite’ which had such incredible entries, I was so excited ready for your spooky entries this month.

Unedited Images

The below AR images have not been edited in any way.

‘Happy Halloween!’ by nana15AR, Hiroshima City, Japan.

‘”Wow! So many giant pumpkins! Lots of fun!”’

‘Haunting in the fog’ by PkmnGOMatt, East Grinstead.

‘My original spooky photo! I was walking to work and the fog was intense so I when I got to the park the trees and the general atmosphere was quite creepy! I went with Haunter for this photo being one of my favourite ghost types along with the cool animations it has!’

‘Spider amongst cobwebs’ by HazelCrocus, The Netherlands.

‘I was walking through the forest when I noticed some bushes and grass patches full with cobwebs. What kind of creepy spider could make such cobwebs. It turned out it was a shiny spinarak, the moment I came to close to the webs he rushed towards me! This spider may be beautiful but it is also very creepy!’

By SilverBullet00, Oceanside, California, United States of America.

‘Pikachu getting into the spoopy spirit!’

‘Ha ha! You’ve been cornered.’ by CKLXS, Risaralda, Colombia.

‘And I was there with nowhere to go! It finally got me cornered. I heard a gruesome and malicious laughter, as that of a predator with their hands on the prey. But all it did at the end was laugh and laugh… ‘

‘Autumn Honchkrow’ by Rhanique, Haulerwijk, The Netherlands.

‘Doesn’t shiny Honchkrow look beautiful against the red fall leaves?’

‘Child’s Play in the Woods’ by Laprasrules12, Florida, U.S.A.

‘One day I was wandering through the more wooded parts of my town and I found a Phantom warning me of something. Nothing bad happened, though I somehow feel cursed after that interaction.’

‘Trick or Litwick!’ by Pokemonswild, Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

‘Pumpkins for sale! You’ll get a free Litwick with it.’

‘Mr P’scet’ by  Farm / field works ( call Mr . P’scet for field works ), Trichy , TN / India.

‘Bugs like to prey on wheats’

‘Come Play with Me’ by Feresk, Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines.

‘Everyone else left me. I need someone to play with. Will you be my friend?’

‘Marionette🤡’ by ACE📸, Tokyo, Japan.

‘They’ve been trying to puppet me for years’

‘Halloween is coming soon.’ by nana15AR, Hiroshima City, Japan.

‘Halloween is coming soon.

So excited!

I’m having a lot of fun.’

By 007Fireking, New Jersey USA.

‘May I come in with you?’

‘Born from roots’ by TIMID0x, Chame, Panamá, Panamá.

‘Born from roots, it is like elf, they appear at dawn or dusk and sometimes they are golden’

‘A chill in the air….’ by SilverBullet00, Oceanside, California, United States of America.

‘Something wicked this way comes!’

By 007Fireking, New Jersey, USA.

‘ What did you come here for?

This is my house.’

‘I dressed up!’ by nana15AR, Hiroshima City, Japan.

‘Does it suit me? Does anyone know?’

Edited Images

The below AR images have been edited or filtered in some way.

‘The march of the ent.’ by ElKhan32, Essex, UK.

‘We must respect the forest. Or the forest will take up root and come and claim what it deserves.’

‘Toxic Attraction’ by Maxotron2010, Gainesville, FL, USA.

‘The flames shooting out of salazzle’s body and tail catch the obsession of onlookers. Poor male salandit and unfortunate trainers have no choice but to serve it hand and foot after such a show.’

‘Noble Ghost’ by WatershipBound, Brighton, NY, USA.

‘I really like golurk because he’s so big and has such a presence. He seems really noble and I wanted to showcase that. Sure, ghosts can be scary, but they don’t have to be.’

‘Everything burns’ by ElKhan32, Essex, UK.

‘In the dark I saw a light. As I approached the light got brighter. Then I saw it was not a natural light but a haunted flame drawing me closer’

‘Almost Alone’ by Maxotron2010, Gainesville, FL, USA.

‘You find yourself suddenly alone in a parking garage. Materializing out of the shadows a Gengar appears bearing a menacing grin.’

‘What if Destiny bond would release in the game?’ by Silver_Wing2121, Belgium, Haacht.

‘Shiny Spiritomb used Destiny Bond! 👻

What if Niantic release the charge move Destiny Bond in the game? 🤔

Description of the move : If the user faints, the foe is also made to faint. 😵

This would be a epic move for Trainer battles. 💪’

‘Hiding in Plain Sight’ by Feresk, Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental, Philippines.

‘Seconds before an ambush.’

‘Cute Litwick thinks it’s scary but it was only hungry’ by CKLXS, Risaralda, Colombia.

‘Found this spooky little Litwick lurking around in my garden! There it stood, hidden, ready for an ambush in the dead of the night, and I would have screamed my lungs out in the greatest fright, had I not carried with me a handful of pinap berries this Litwick enjoyed so much! Never forget those.’

‘Werewolf by night’ by ElKhan32, Essex, UK.

‘The werewolf comes out at night during the full moon prowling it’s territory. This is the mighty wolf at its full power’

‘Darkrai’s haunted home.’ by Miller, Snyder Texas, United States of America.

‘Legend says that somebody died in this building. They say that the person was murdered and his spirit still roams the building.’

‘Nowhere to Hide’ by Feresk, Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines.

‘I have been found. Save yourselves!’

By りむ 𓆏Limu, Summon 召喚.

‘I want to develop a story that appeared in this world.’

By CKLXS, Risaralda, Colombia.

‘This is how your level 51 shiny almost perfect IV Chandelure looks at you when you choose it to defeat some grunt’s Weedle.’

‘Killin in the name of’ by ElKhan32, Essex, UK.

‘Left and forgotten by its trainer and abandoned in this place. This pokemon went a tad. Mad. Its sanity snapped and it thought it was a litwick. It was not.’

‘“Feed me a Poffin, or ELSE!”’ by PoGoMiloUKYT, United Kingdom.

‘Who’d have thought that best buddying a Shundo of “The Destruction Pokémon” would have been so demanding. The only way to get this Shundo to comply with you in Poffins and tickles!

Thankfully spooky season seems to make it more agreeable, I can actually get a picture of this Shundo in it’s menacing “landed” stance. Wouldn’t want to face this on a Halloween night!’

‘Duskull’s abandoned place’ by FusionFlashYT, Abilene State Park, Texas, United States of America.

‘I was walking around and saw this building and I just knew I had to get the spooky Duskull that I caught there the year before in a snapshot.’

‘Gastly Future’ by Feresk, Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines.

‘He who lives by the crystal ball will eat shattered glass.’

‘Shadows scream’ by ElKhan32, Essex, UK.

‘The shadows scream. Not a silent hiss or whispered kiss. The shadows scream. Not a chat or friendly nat. The shadows scream. Not a quiet talk or a distant squawk. THE SHADOWS SCREAM!’

‘Rage.’ by CKLXS, Risaralda, Colombia.

‘I am Fire! I am Death!’

‘『BAM museum in Kamakura』’ by りむ 𓆏Limudon_japan, Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan.

‘ghost in museum.’

By Musetta, England, UK.

‘The candle burns a bright blue flame thus standing out in a field full of orange.’

‘The other side’ by ElKhan32, Essex, UK.

‘The beast from the other side, the world split. Tearing at the fabric of our reality’

AR Masters

The below images are taken by our AR Masters.

‘The Lamp Pokémon’ by kittypokemonsalot, Lincolnshire, UK.

‘I’ve been practicing my flying/floating AR techniques recently, and this Lampent might not seem the obvious choice for it, but it works great for it! I managed to get it floating high up under this underpass, a haunting figure lighting the way in order to steal spirits.’

Next Submission Theme

For our next theme, we want to see photographs featuring Legendary, Mythical, or Ultra Beast Pokémon! Submit here by 25th November to be considered, full rules at the link. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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