July 2022 Box Sale Breakdown

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New Boxes have appeared in the in-game shop! But as exciting as this may seem, the current boxes in the shop don’t look too promising.

Are you running low on incubators? Do you need to stock up on raid passes after Groudon, Kyogre and Mewtwo raids? We’ll do the box sale breakdown for you!

The value of an item is highly subjective, hence it has been based on its retail price in the in-game shop. Items that are sold in bundles such as Star Pieces or Lucky Eggs are valued based on the largest bundle available in the shop. Finally, items that can be obtained from PokéStops or Gyms such as Balls or Revives have been valued at 0 Pokécoins. Feel free to disagree, but that has been the main reasoning behind the analysis. Values have been rounded up.

July 2022 Boxes

The following image shows all the boxes that are currently available in the in-game shop at the time of writing this article:

Adventure Box

Items # Value
Star Piece 5 300
Remote Raid Pass 3 300
Revive 10 0
Lucky Egg 5 312.5
Total Value 913

First of all, let me say it’s kinda funny to see Remote Raid Passes in the Adventure Box instead of Premium Battle Passes.

The value of this box is 913 Pokécoins if you buy the items separately and always considering that you purchase the items in the most efficient way. Since the box is being sold for 550 Pokécoins, you technically save up 363 Pokécoins (39.8% off). Not a bad deal, honestly, but the target audience of this bundle is probably remote raiders and they’d probably rather spend their coins in remote raid pass bundles only.

Special Box

Items # Value
Super Incubator 1 200
Incense 1 31.25
Egg Incubator 1 150
Lucky Egg 1 62.5
Total Value 444

This box doesn’t have a specific target audience (?). Trainers who buy incubators should probably wait for one of the bigger bundles with 15+ incubators if that’s what they want to buy. The value of this box is 444 Pokécoins if you buy the items separately and always considering that you purchase the items in the most efficient way. Since the box is being sold for 200 Pokécoins, you technically save up 244 Pokécoins (55.0% off). Again, not a “bad deal” value-wise, but hardly anyone would like to buy 1 of each item repeatedly.

Raid Box

Items # Value
Premium Battle Pass 3 300
Max Revive 5 0
Max Potion 10 0
Total Value 300

This box is just plain terrible. Its value is 300 Pokécoins if you buy the items separately and always considering that you purchase the items in the most efficient way. Since the box is being sold for 425 Pokécoins, you technically LOSE 125 Pokécoins. Seriously, don’t buy it unless you’re really desperate for revives and potions (which you’ll be able to get not only from spinning PokéStops and Gyms but also after completing raid battles).

Ultra Box

Items # Value
Ultra Ball 20 0
Great Ball 20 0
Razz Berry 20 0
Pinap Berry 20 0
Total Value 0

And we saved the best for last! The value of the Ultra Box is….(drum roll sound)…. 0 Pokécoins! Since the box is being sold for (believe it or not) 280 Pokécoins, you technically LOSE ALL 280 Pokécoins

You may have a record-breaking Box in front of your eyes, trainer. The July 2022 Ultra Box might as well be renamed as the #1 worst box in the history of Pokémon GO, even surpassing the dreaded “Anniversary Box” from 2017.

Jokes aside, I wouldn’t recommend buying this box unless you want to get scammed. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw it pop up in the in-game shop this morning.

1-Pokécoin Box

Items # Value
Ultra Ball 10 0
Charged TM 1 0
Hyper Potion 5 0
Total Value 0

And to top it all off, the weekly 1-Pokécoin Box. We’ve had fantastic deals in the past (2 Premium Battle Passes, for example), but this week’s 1-Pokécoin Box is just… not really worth that Pokécoin to be honest. I often throw away Charged TMs from GBL rewards/raids, and Hyper Potions & Ultra Balls can be obtained from spinning a gym or a Pokéstop.

Unless you really, REALLY need these items I would recommend not even spending the single Pokécoin this box costs to send a message to Niantic. Including zero Premium items in the weekly 1-Pokécoin Box has been a made move.

Weekly research boxes used to have legendary/legacy Pokémon and now are practically worthless. Weekly 1-Pokécoin boxes used to have 1 Remote raid pass, followed by 2 Premium Raid Passes, some Poffins and now this. Unfortunately, unless things change in the near future, Weekly 1-Pokécoin Boxes look like the next thing destined to become irrelevant.

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