Trainers, given that the Halloween event is a complete success, it’s time for some theories on how the future Pokemon GO events could like! There’s a number of hints in the original anime, so let’s dive right in.

Before we begin, remember that none of this is confirmed by Niantic. The data mined event code also doesn’t show a lot, however, it does show that more events are coming.

Christmas Special: Santa’s Jynx back in action! ? ?

We know a Christmas event is coming. After all, it’s the biggest consumer event of the year. There is no doubt that Niantic will try to re engage the player base with a Christmas event and get us all into the holiday spirit!


Speaking of holidays, “Holiday Hi-Jynx” is a special Pokemon holiday episode that aired on December 11th 1999 in US. The episode features several Ice Pokemon appearances, most notably Lapras and Santa’s helper Jynx, and Rapidash as Santa’s reindeer.

The episode is heavily influenced by presents, with Jessie wanting to kidnap Santa after a Jynx took her Christmas present as a child. The episode ends fortunate for both for Team Rocket and our heroes. You can watch the episode on Youtube here.

Here’s our prediction:

Event Start Date December 11th
Event End Date December 25th
Rewards and bonuses Increase in Item drops (Christmas presents!) ?
Increase in Ice Pokemon spawns and their families
Lapras, Jynx, Seel, Dewgong, Shellder, Cloyster
Increase in Ponyta and Rapidash spawns
Special reward Santa hat trainer appearance ?


Eggciting Easter is coming!

We all know what notable Pokemon hatched from an egg. Right? Not sure? Oh c’mon, it’s Togepi! An episode called Attack of the Prehistoric Pokémon shows how Misty gets the Togepi egg.

As Togepi was one of the most memorable mysteries in the first anime season, it’s quite possible it could make a guest appearance in the game also! Getting a Togepi egg would be an incredible introduction to Generation II and possibly one of the best transitions Niantic could create.

There is more to take away from the episode, as not only it features the Togepi egg, but it also features all of the fossil Pokemon in Generation I! When you think about it, Easter is widely referenced as a celebration of hope and rebirth, so increased fossil Pokemon spawns for Easter actually sounds reasonable!

Here’s our prediction:

Event Start Date Around April 15th
Event End Date Around April 20th
Rewards and bonuses Increase in Egg drops
Increase in Fossil Pokemon spawns and their families
Kabuto, Kabutops, Omanyte, Omastar, Aerodactyl
Increase in Exeggcute spawns
Special reward Togepi egg