Which Pokémon Should you Best Buddy?


Working out which Pokémon to have as your Buddy, and which Pokémon are worth the slog to Best Buddy can be tricky. We’re written about the most efficient ways to grind to Best Buddy, but who should you be working on? It can take quite a while to get a Pokémon to Best Buddy level, a whopping 300 hearts are needed, so let’s take a look at which Pokémon are worth getting to Best Buddy level. This isn’t a tier list naming specific Pokémon, but a general look at which sort of Pokémon you should be looking at.

Master League Pokémon

If you participate in Master League, getting that Best Buddy CP boost might be the difference between a win and a loss. Being able to withstand that single extra Fast Move can make all the difference! For example, in a battle of two perfect level 50 Giratina Origin Forme with identical moves and shields, it is the Buddy Boost that will come through to win the battle for you. Getting that one extra level can make a difference in Master League, so consider Pokémon you like to use in your team. Playing in the regular Master League all but requires Level 50 Pokémon, so being able to get that extra level to 51 is a big deal. Just make sure they are actually your Buddy when you go into battle with them to get the boost!

Ultra/Great League PvP Pokémon

For some Pokémon to be at their most effective in Ultra League, they have to be your Best Buddy. Pokémon like Galarian Stunfisk, Umbreon, Mandibuzz and Skarmory in Ultra League, and for Great League Pokemon like Lickitung, Wobbuffet, Pachirisu, Medicham and Sableye. There are specific break points to be gained by having a Best Buddy Pokémon in these leagues, depending on the IV of the Pokémon you are using. Some of these examples will work without the Best Buddy boost, but depending on your IV spread, it may be essential to gain those extra wins with others. The aim is to have a Pokémon as close to 1500CP/2500CP as possible, and while how close you can get varies depending on IV, the Best Buddy boost can often be favourable over a non-Best Buddy Pokémon.

Perfect/Amazing IV Legendary Pokémon

If you aren’t one for PvP, you can still focus on Best Buddying those perfect/high IV Legendary Pokémon for raiding and gym battling. You’ll be able to last a little longer in battle, and therefore potentially need slightly less revives or potions. This is especially relevant if you are someone who intends to max out your Pokémon to level 50, getting that Buddy Boost takes them to level 51, unlocking their maximum potential. Plus, who wouldn’t want to flex their perfect IV Best Buddy legendary Pokémon?

Pokémon with Mega Evolutions

Pokémon HP Attack Defence
Venusaur (Mega) GrassPoison 190 241 246
Charizard (Mega X) FireDragon 186 273 213
Charizard (Mega Y) FireFlying 186 319 212
Blastoise (Mega) Water 188 264 237
Beedrill (Mega) BugPoison 163 303 148
Pidgeot (Mega) WaterGround 195 280 175
Alakazam (Mega) Psychic 146 367 207
Slowbro (Mega) WaterPsychic 216 224 259
Gengar (Mega) GhostPoison 155 349 199
Kangaskhan (Mega) Normal 233 246 210
Pinsir (Mega) BugFlying 163 305 231
Gyarados (Mega) WaterDark 216 292 247
Aerodactyl (Mega) RockFlying 190 292 210
Mewtwo (Mega X) PsychicFighting 235 412 222
Mewtwo (Mega Y) Psychic 235 426 229
Ampharos (Mega) ElectricDragon 207 294 203
Steelix (Mega) SteelGround 181 212 327
Scizor (Mega) BugSteel 172 279 250
Heracross (Mega) BugFighting 190 334 223
Houndoom (Mega) DarkFire 181 289 194
Tyranitar (Mega) RockDark 225 309 276
Sceptile (Mega) GrassDragon 172 320 186
Blaziken (Mega) FireFighting 190 329 168
Swampert (Mega) WaterGround 225 283 218
Gardevoir (Mega) PsychicFairy 169 326 229
Sableye (Mega) DarkGhost 137 151 216
Mawile (Mega) SteelFairy 137 188 217
Aggron (Mega) Steel 172 247 331
Medicham (Mega) FightingPsychic 155 205 179
Manectric (Mega) Electric 172 286 179
Sharpedo (Mega) WaterDark 172 289 144
Camerupt (Mega) FireGround 172 253 183
Altaria (Mega) DragonFairy 181 222 218
Banette (Mega) Ghost 162 312 160
Absol (Mega) Dark 163 314 130
Glalie (Mega) Ice 190 252 168
Salamence (Mega) DragonFlying 216 310 251
Metagross (Mega) SteelPsychic 190 300 289
Latias (Mega) DragonPsychic 190 289 297
Latios (Mega) DragonPsychic 190 335 241
Rayquaza (Mega) DragonFlying 233 389 216
Lopunny (Mega) NormalFighting 163 282 214
Garchomp (Mega) DragonGround 239 339 222
Lucario (Mega) FightingSteel 172 310 175
Abomasnow (Mega) GrassIce 207 240 191
Gallade (Mega) PsychicFighting 169 326 230
Audino (Mega) NormalFairy 230 147 239
Diancie (Mega) RockFairy 137 342 235

Any Pokémon with a Mega evolution, whether that is currently in Pokémon GO, or one that is yet to come, is worth aiming for Best Buddy with. Having the CP boost means lasting longer in a raid, and therefore boosting all the other Pokémon in the raid for longer. While not all Mega Pokémon are made equal, some are much more meta relevant than others, having different types of Mega Pokémon as Best Buddy will help your raiding, especially when raiding with smaller squads of trainers.

Good IV Shadow Pokémon

With Shadow Pokémon taking more damage from opponents, consider making your good IV Shadow Pokémon a Best Buddy to gain that extra level. Shadow Pokémon deal more damage than regular Pokémon, and even Mega Pokémon, so being able to keep them in a raid for longer is advantageous. Being able to flex a really high IV or hundo Shadow Pokémon will never not be awesome! Make sure to TM away Frustration whenever possible too, especially on those Legendary Shadow Pokémon.

Your Favourite Pokémon

Now, controversial, and some would say not the best advice, but I personally recommend getting to Best Buddy with Pokémon that you love, just because! There doesn’t have to be a reason, or an advantage for them being Best Buddy, it can simply be because they are your favourite, or you have a special memory attached to that Pokémon.

I’ve got a shiny, lucky, 100IV Turtwig that was my first Best Buddy. I’ve also got a 100IV Whirlipede that is Best Buddy. I have one each of the shiny hatted Turtwig as Best Buddy, even though they have terrible IV. Why? Because they are some of my all time favourite Pokémon, and I wanted to. I have a 0IV shiny Unown I plan to Best Buddy, a shiny Turtwig I was traded by thekruseship at Pokémon Worlds that was the 50th shiny Turtwig in my collection will eventually be Best Buddy, and more.

Why? Simply because I want to, and I like them. These Pokémon don’t help me win raids, gain wins in PvP, and aren’t even meta relevant, but I think part of being a Pokémon fan is having your favourites, and making memories with your Pokémon, and making them Best Buddy is a great way to celebrate that.


Having meta Pokémon as your Best Buddy can be helpful, and for the hardcore PvP crowd essential in some cases, but ultimately, it’s up to you. If you are rural, having a Best Buddy that can help you defeat raids with less trainers could be the way to go, or you may find yourself wanting to focus on Pokémon you’ve caught on special days, or in amazing locations.

How do you personally decide which Pokémon to Best Buddy? Do you focus on hundos and meta relevant Pokémon, or maybe you’ve kept a single Pokémon you love as your Best Buddy since the mechanism was released. Let us know in the comments!

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