today we’re announcing an event organised by “Nidos Pokémon GO Argentina”, which will take place on Saturday, October 21th at 2 PM in Puerto Madero, the most popular area among Buenos Aires Pokémon GO players.

The Trainer Challenge consists on completing 8 different trials:

  • Q&A about Pokémon GO
  • Q&A about the animated series and movies
  • Q&A about the console games
  • Catch the Shiny Magikarp!
  • Hatching a Baby Pokémon
  • The Unown Hangman Game
  • Gotta Catch ’em all!

As a reward for winning each challenge, players will be rewarded with one of the eight Kanto gym badges (Boulder, Cascade, Thunder, Rainbow, Soul, Marsh, Volcano and Earth Badges).

The first Trainer to obtain all eight badges will be the winner of the Challenge and will receive important rewards provided such as power banks, Pokémon plushies, T-shirts, jackets, action figures and more. Some local stores have also discount coupons for those who do not manage to get all 8 badges, but manage to collect at least one.

During the event, we will be collecting nonperishable food as donation for Fundamind, a foundation that helps children affected by HIV. For each donation, attendees will get a number for a raffle. It will be hold at the end of the event, and the person with the winning number will receive a Pokémon Go Plus!

More information about Fundamind here:

There will be candy, coloring books, stickers and cards as gifts for all the children who attend. A drone will be flying over Puerto Madero, and multiple cameras will be filming the event. Those who cannot come will be able to experience it via live stream on our Facebook and Instagram pages!

As always, lure modules will be constantly activated in the popular 4 Pokéstops at the end of the “Woman’s Bridge”, and even more surprises!

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We’ll see you there!

Nidos Pokémon Go Argentina

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  • Evelyn Cejas Moreira

    It will be amazing!!! Los esperamos con muchas sorpresas 😀

    • peponzio

      Dude!! Muy bien hecho desearía poder asistir pero me queda muy lejos. Felicidades.

  • Christian Ellingsen

    Hope Norway follows

  • Heydavid17

    There you go Niantic, take some notes now!

  • Higher_Ground

    Seriously hope Nintendo et all don’t try and shut these type of events down. It certainly sounds like a great time!

    I can remember where they sued some guy for hosting a pokemon themed costume party not too many years ago.

    • Felipe Bauer

      That would certainly anger a lot of people.
      Including me
      If Niantic isn’t going to hold the special events in places other than US Japan and Europe, than let the fans do their own events.

      • Tobias Brüning

        Chester was the only event by niantic in Europe. Niantic always needs a partner. they did not “run the events at unibail”. they have been bought to place an event there. so ask the brazilian supermall to do the same. That could work. Waiting for niantic to host events near you is useless,that will not happen

        • Felipe Bauer

          How do you know I am Brazillian?
          Also, I know Niantic wasn`t alone, but they still interacted with the event.

          • Tobias Brüning

            it should be normal to do sth, if u get paid for it. brazil was not meant as a fixed location. ask that anywhere on the world. if the mall pays for it, you will have your safari event.

  • Increíble la comunidad de Nidos Pokemon Go Argentina. Éste va a ser un evento asombroso!

  • Gaston

    Amazing evening with fellow Pokémon trainers !!! Congrats to the organizers 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Claudio Marques Ceb

    ban the spoofers