Niantic is running a cross promotion for Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon inside Pokémon GO, featuring several new free clothing items from the Alola region. Alola region is an island region featured in Generation VII Pokémon games.

You can find a number of free clothing items inside the in game store, most notably the following:

New female shirt, bag, hat, shoes and bottoms

A yellow Pokéball bag that fits on your avatar’s back, white shorts, orange t-shirt with floral pattern, sandals (no socks) and a wide hat with a flower. Looks great!

New male shirt, bag, hat, shoes and bottoms

A black and orange Poké bag, combined with the same colored sandals and hat, followed by a teal tank top and white bottoms. Interesting, to say the least!

This cross promotion has been confirmed by the following Niantic Tweet:

We don’t know if any of these forms will become available in Pokémon GO, but we sure would love if they did. ghost / fire green flame Marowak? Sign us up!

What is the Alola region?

The Alola region is a special island region, introduced in Pokémon Sun and Moon. Aside from it being a wonderful and beautiful area to explore and advance the core games story line, Alola features several special Pokémon variants, titled “Alola forms”.

Alola forms
Alola forms

These Pokémon are special forms of Generation I Pokémon that adapted to living in the island region, changing types, visual appearance and moveset. Here are all the Alola forms in Pokémon Sun and Moon:

  • Heydavid17

    So, we’re just waiting on Gen 3, and they give us useless Alolan related stuff, which is currently very unrelated to the game… I’m starting to questioning why I still keep playing

    • Igglybuff!

      not so useless for Game Freak, it’s great marketing trick in their eyes :^)

      • Heydavid17

        Damn! You know what, you’re right! :O
        I suddenly feel like buying a 3DS with the games, with the money that I don’t have at all.
        Totally makes sense, for why I started to play a free mobile game. Well done Game Freak, you’ve convinced me! 😀

        • Igglybuff!

          *sarcasm detected*
          Well, I know few people who started playing main games because of GO, and I guess there are more

          • Igglybuff!

            In less than year, over 15 million copies of Sun/Moon were sold, which is almost as much as X/Y (around 16 million copies) in 4 years.

          • Kai von Hagen

            but x and y was sooo much better :<

          • Igglybuff!

            Although you can see what influence Pokemon GO had (and probably still has) on main games

        • Simone Amoruso

          You’re not the only person on Earth, you know that, right? Jeez, shut up, stop complaining. You’re embarassing yourself.

          • Partysaurus Rex

            Shhhhhh. Don’t wreck his world…

          • Joel Jensen


    • S-GUTZ

      i dont know if you heard the news, but theyre doubling down and are releasing info this week. Have some patience jeez

      • Cooper McCollum

        This just better not be the new things that niantic had for this week. If so, It’s time to cry yourself to sleep.

      • Leo Luo

        If they don’t……………………..

      • Rob Freeman


  • William Kelly

    Serebii owned you guys on this one, was shared almost 30m ago

    • AlphaOkami

      Serebii is the best Pokémon site on the internet, period.

      • Joel Jensen

        Exactly. Enough said.

  • Zappy-N

    i would kill to have alolan forms in go. most of them are pure meme magic (dugtrio, persian, sandslash, raticate, and exeggutor)

    • Storta

      *MEME MAGIC*

  • Partysaurus Rex

    Those shorts for guys… I just can’t. Who wears shorts like that?

    • Jack Harmsen

      I would, just to piss of poeple 😂😂

    • CrisFrancisco

      Basketball players?

  • hkmaly

    That would become useful in like, half year, in summer … now, they would do better if they release some winter clothes.

    … what the f-? Seriously the shorts and whatever is under them is single piece?

  • Greg

    That’s cool. We’ve just received first batch of snow here, the all new bottom looks so sexy.

  • Alaska Stark

    I don’t want my avatar to run around in a muscle shirt when it’s freezing cold here – how about a nice thick jacket? xDD

  • Christopher Andrew Moore

    Any ideas why it’s freezing and avatars walking around in t-shirts and shorts?
    Also is there a reason gyms and pokestops are not giving potions, revives,max potions or max revives? Had to feed 60 razz to a gym just to free up bag space thrown hundred pokeballs

  • Partysaurus Rex

    Bro tank ftw!

  • Dominic Perez

    Alolan clothes… *sighs*. I can’t wait for the next important update. :/

  • Leon119

    I love how people keep complaining about free stuff 😐