a new wave of EX Raids has started, targeting both first time and experienced Raiders. As of the time of this writing, we can confirm that this series of EX Raids is worldwide, its taking place both at normal and sponsored Gyms and it includes cities and players which have never had raids before — nothing really new there.

The common dates and time slots for this EX Raid series are 26th of Novembertime slots in the afternoon. The raid time window is still 45 minutes long, the same as with previous raid invites.

It’s curious to see for how long will Niantic keep up with EX Raid tests, as weeks are going by with no clear response from the dev team. What are we still testing? How are invite recipients picked? Do Gods of random number generators truly exist? And where in the world is this week’s teased news?

All of that, and probably even more, is expected to be answered by Niantic in the weeks to come. With that being said, let’s see how this round’s EX Raid invite looks like. Hopefully, one day we’ll all see it in the game client for real, not just as a screenshot posted on the interwebs:

If you are one of the lucky ones to receive an invite this time around, be sure to share your experience on the GO Hub forums. If you are not one of the lucky ones, be sure not to share your salt in the comment section below. We understand. It’s not up to us. Keep the Hub’s comment section clean. Please.

  • David Lim

    They gave EX Raid passes to a couple of people who completed an Entei raid at Alex Moore Park in Wellington the other day but not everyone. Seems pretty unfair.

    • Leo Luo

      Please remove the “pretty unfair” part.

      • David Lim

        Why? Last I recall free speech was not against the law.

        • Joel Jensen

          lol tru

    • Finn Brown

      In new zealand??

  • Herbert Louis

    I’ve done 155 Legendary Raids, probably 300 raids in total and still no raid pass. Done 38 Suicune Raids, caught 26 and caught the only Perfect Suicune that i encountered. I don’t this at all and still no news as they promised this wee.

  • Nguyễn Thế Dũng

    So far as I know in my city there are 4 gyms were selected for ex-raid. All of them were formally Poke-Stops and were transferred to gym after the gym mechanism change.

  • John Jorgensen

    Fun story… A friend of mine and I decided to take a ride a half hour away THIS MORNING to a gym that has already hosted two EX Raids in hopes that we could do a Raid and be “qualified” for an EX Raid pass. Just a short time later, I received my first ever EX Raid Pass. Unfortunately, the friend I went with, did not get one. So now, while I sit here being super hyped about the possibility of getting Mewtwo, I’m also super bummed out that’s my friend didn’t get an invite even though we raided together THIS MORNING.

  • Zachary Eick

    my town, which has about 50 gyms in the area (zero sponsored gyms) has received one EX raid, which was this past week. Only 6 players received passes (none of which were the highest level, the longest players, etc.) and they were unsuccessful in beating the Mewtwo within the window. A few of us even traveled down to the nearest sponsored gym locations to complete a raida couple weeks ago: still no pass. This is a really “confusing” system

  • Heydavid17

    Someone, give me a reason to keep playing this unfair game…
    Finally we get 2 EX Raids in my town, and being known as one of the most active players in my town, yet not gaining a pass…


    • Jeanroux Horn

      Did you do a raid at the ex gyms that its taking place recently

      • Heydavid17

        If I hadn’t, then I wouldn’t complain about it.
        We counted that at least 50 invites have been given out so far across the 2 EX raids, and so far only 4 people have claimed not to have received any… that is just ridiculous.

        • Jeanroux Horn

          Wow yeah then that is just unfair. Sorry man. Niantic should really just improve it already or remove it. They’re not listening to fans

    • Riffy Raff

      Wow, what a great thing to be known for in your town.

    • Shan Yang

      same here, past 4 weeks raid like crazy for all those sponsor/EX gyms
      still no EX PASS. well… to me it’s like a message from Niantic “HEY! you raid too much! slow down dude! save your money! we won’t give you EX PASS anyway”
      Well.. look at this way, Niantic is a GOOD company,

      • Heydavid17

        I don’t even raid that often either, only once per day (twice if I don’t raid 1 day).
        I only use the free pass, and so does the majority of the people I raid with.
        It’s gotten so cold over here and the raids have been moved to a horrible time period, so we can barely raid around the town as we used to.
        When it comes to PoGo related stuff, we all made the deal to play together, in order for us all to get a possible EX raid in our town, and as it finally happens, then very few of us were left out.
        This system is a complete disaster and generally just a joke. I’d be happy to see this junk from a reasonable perspective, but after this… why even continue to play anymore, when the system is literally this disgusting and unfair.

        • abobcoco

          it look like mine too. we almost Did the same Raid together but only few people got it ( we have 10 peoples but got Ex pass only 2 of us).
          this System is look stupid.

        • Tara Tron

          The general consensus around here in AZ is that many casual and low lvl players are getting the passes, to encourage them to keep playing. The lvl 38 and ups are not.

          • MarxBrothers88

            Our group is too in Japan. TL40 players in my city did commonly receive only one EX pass so far, although raided more than 500 in total. Especially there is lvl 40 player who did raid ENTEI 100 times in this month, but no pass.

    • Richx93

      I’m in exactly the same situation. I’ve racked up 64 Raikou raids alone in the past 17 days. We’ve had 4 EX invites here now (with 2 on this latest wave). For all 4 I’ve done the same raid that others had got in the invite from. Funnily enough, the majority of people who have been invited so far were raiding only 1/2 raids a day.

      • Chris Denton

        Wow, there hasn’t been 64 raids in my area in the last 3 months.

    • Erick Fournier

      Don’t have a reason.
      Guess you should just stop complaining or stop playing.

  • hellchild

    It’s just like a lottery… sometimes you win sometimes you lose. I can understand that people do not like this system because everyone thinks they are the best player, did the most raids and the list goes on and on. I am level 39, catching pokemon like i never did anything else, did about 250 raids (all tiers) and i did not get an ex raid pass and some of the players in this town did. And they do not play as hard as i do. And guess what… i am happy for them. Enjoy the game. Save your salt for the winter when snow is falling 😉

    • peponzio

      Ahh yes the salt does keep the snow away by lowering the freezing point of water droplets that dissolve it, while also angering self entitlements.

      Also it is one of the most chemically stable and simple compounds that can also aid in celular osmosis and cellwall pressure equilibrium.

      Now again, many dishes require a pinch of salt and the right jugging (as in cooking) for delicious meals and comments.

    • Tara Tron

      The lottery is a stats game, and depending on the game, even if you don’t hit the jackpot, you can still win a smaller amount. The EX raid system is fully random, and no ‘test phase’ should have so many people getting the same test and getting multiple Mewtwos.

  • Harley Moreland

    I did a raid with two of my friends in the car the other day at a sprint store, they both got invites and needless to say I have not so far. What a bummer!

  • Screiver Treiver

    There is a place where Ex Raid Passes arrive late
    I thinking in going there and do some raids, looking to get a pass

    Could I get it? or It is too late?

    • peponzio

      Too late. Once handed no more are given for that event.

  • Finn Brown


  • Valor rubia

    Managed to get an EX Raid Pass on Saturday 11th, which will take place on Saturday 18th November. Strangely it was for a raid I and a group of others did on Monday 6th. Out of 20 or so people I and one guy got a pass. I hope to capture Mewtwo but i equally feel terrible at how poor this lottery system seems to work.

  • Quan Nguyen

    We went in group and were able to defeat Tyranitar raid of this gym in the morning on November 12. This morning, we all received EX Raid Pass for November 26, which was mentioned as a reward for a previous victory at the same gym.
    To be honest, we are not so active in raids. I’m not sure how the system works, but I think Niantic is selecting some particular raid winners on specified dates (maybe Sunday) and invite them, regardless of how many raids they did before.

  • Akshay Joseph Saju

    EX Raid should be choosen like this :
    Giving an EX raid chance to 3/4 players who have done more than 20 tier 4 or 5 raids in a certain period of time (say 28 days) and the raid should be on a specific gym announced on the first day, then the raid happens in the 28th day (you can raid any gym between the period and get an achievement or medal that can be later checked in the EX raid gym at the time of EX raid)…
    And the rest 1/4 playes gets the lucky giveaway of EX raids (for players who are level 18 and below.. Coz they cannot do much tier 4 & 5 raids)…
    That way game lovers and hardcore heavy gamers will get chance to catch the elite legendaries..

  • Peter Edwards

    Niantic are confusing Trainer loyalty to the game with support for their bad organisation of providing the AR experience. Other AR companies are pleased to capitalize on the mistakes Niantic continue to make. Niantic are not losing players to rival companies, they are driving players away from their own products. The future looks bleak for Niantic and the future of Pokémon.

  • Daniel Doiron

    We should be able to get one, from a weekly requirement , after x amount of raids done (100 or 200 + ) i know people with 400-600 raids done – zero ex invites, i do 10 + raids every week end, and only managed 1 to date, it’s BS and RNG.

  • Jayden Plays Pokemon GO

    They gotta remove the tests. The first raid in my state was on September 14th. It’s November 16th today. Over 2 months in my state of tests. Just give a pass to people who participate. Get some sort of coding that sees who hasn’t got a pass or sometbiny

  • Miyuka Szczepanski

    “New round of EX Raid field test invites *are* out”

  • 담위용

    I still not have receive EX Raid Pass. 1 time no have battle with mewtwo. Hope can be received EX Raid Pass

  • Technogal

    EX raids are a failed experiment. There is no good explanation for nearly 3 months of testing! We are all frustrated! Niantic needs to set more specific, obtainable goals that will result in an invite or just release Mewtwo as a level 6 raid with a lower frequency.

  • sanju.singh

    3 months and many legendary raid on sponser gym only till today didn’t get single ex pass
    what are u doing niantic
    reply to all of us

  • Christopher Andrew Moore

    Will niantic ever stop disclude masses of its user base? How about a better system or reveal how a pass is triggered. I’ve done over 400 raids 1-4* & legendaries and no pass. Someone I know done 10 legend raids and got a e x pass wtf. There has to be some better mechanics than win a raid on a random selected gym that no one has a clue when or how you select the gym

  • ajiwar

    Ok this is what happen, bunch of people raid at the previously known mewto raid gym. My friend got it, but I don’t.

  • Ph. Win

    Ok, guys, is it really that hard to understand? Niantic is not giving you wages for your hundreds of raids, nor are they obliged to. This is a game, not a trade.
    Ex raid passes should be regarded surprises, and as such, they necessarily come out on a irregular and unpredictable base. Again, this is a game and is meant to be about fun and surprise, not greedy calculation…

    • Robdebobrob

      4 high level players that raided the gym we will have an ex raid on, raided there on monday. 1 of them has done 2, the others have done 1 mewtwo before. They raid alot. They didnt get an invite.
      Sure it shouldnt be easy to get mewtwo, but it should atleast be logical and transparent. We still have no idea how the game chooses who will get a pass and who wont..

    • peponzio

      The problem is not that it’s a game, but the fact that it is a feature TEST that has lasted for 3 months. Niantic never stated EX raids would be surprises and never stated that EX raid tests were meant to be surprises too.

      Everyone assumes it’s random, it might as well have a number of limited slots and those who fill the requirements first get the passes (even groups who raid together may have members missing a requirement and end up not being selected).

      I mean, someone says it’s random and everyone thinks it’s a fact. Someone says conditions are raiding in a time window but no one can confirm it works everywhere. Someone says it’s irregular and unpredictable and yet there MUST be a system choosing the gyms. Why not disclose this information if it is already predefined?

      A test that involves test subjects that are unaware of the test’s conditions and parameters. This feels more like a psychological test where Niantic is judging us on our response to seeing others succeed where we are not even given a chance to try.

  • Greg

    It is a negative surprise every time when hard core players read articles about new rounds of EX raid invites and not get one themselves. Our group is shrinking. We are all level 36-40. Three more guys decided to give up today saying it’s no fun any more. We were 45-50 regular players more than a year ago and now we are only nine left. Say whatever you want, Niantic s*cks.

  • FacePuncher

    Came to read all the comments from the whiners. Was not disappointed

  • Aryx

    ‘And where in the world is this week’s teased news?’

    👆 This. 👆

  • Eden rahav

    Hello, I’m from Israel and I very not luckey for getting those ex raid passes and I didn’t get those raid passes twice in my city and everyone except me got the ex raid passes.
    I want those ex raid will be without ex raid passes because I don’t have Everytime the raid pass so I want than the ex raid will be with a premium raid pass please.
    Thank you from Eden rahav

  • Marvin Santaela

    In Mauá-Brazil we do not even have the smell of Raid EX, we are frustrated because smaller cities in the region already know the Mewtwo and this is just a legend.

  • Tomasz Bukowczyk

    The speed at which Niantic is working and lack of communication with players is disgusting. System is broken and needs complete rework, but we are saying this for like 3 months and all we got is a tweet from Niantic that they are thanking us for feedback. But nothing has changed “test” are going as they were, people get frustrated more and more.

    Remove EX and make them rare legendary spawns or make the system crystal clear for everyone. System that cannot be abused by players or “pay to get invitation”.

    Add personal progression bar for everyone, you raid and the bars fills up, you didn’t raid for a day it shrinks. Make invites go out every 2 weeks to people that filled the bar during this time. How many raids should be required? In 14 days you can have up to 21 free passes so I thinks that the number we should be aiming. If they add more bosses to the poll (ho-oh, celebi ect.) then readjust the timers and raids needed.

    I think its fair system, that everyone understands and that rewards players to play on daily basis and keep us interested in the game. On top of that It cannot be abused by players that spends a lot of money on raids. Sure they will have bar filled up in 1-2 days but it will not give them invitation till they rollout for everyone that meet the requirement.

    • peponzio

      That is a good suggestion. They probably already have the system figured, hopefully (at least the structure and general guidelines). It’d be nice to have the chance to choose between Mewtwo, Ho-oh, Mew, and Celebi EX raids to complete the requirements.

      My only doubt is with the free passes. If we get one free raid pass every day, how can we have 21 passes in 14 days? Wouldn’t it be 14 days for 14 passes? (Unless you saved one from the day prior which is still 15 days for 15 passes).

      • Tomasz Bukowczyk

        14 days = 700 coins = 7 passes

        • Dan

          You shouldn’t have to force someone to use their coin to get a pass. 14 raids is sufficient.

        • peponzio

          Ahh, I see. Yes of course that would be the “up to” part. Still that requires players to get all 50 coins everyday which is sometimes not as easy as it sounds. Even one coin less and that’s one raid pass less.

          Now those aren’t really free passes as you have to invest time and effort to get the coins. Meanwhile using said coins specifically for raids and missing on other things like incubators and bag upgrades.

  • Bellal Amerkhail

    this games ex raid pass system is a joke

  • Livingshadow

    Wouldn’t it just make more sense to send the ex-raid pass, to those who have earned both silver or gold medals for raid and legendary battles? I myself haven’t, but it just seems fair to reward those who’ve played the game for so long. Giving ex-raid passes to those who have recently beaten that gym if plain dumb.
    1. It only actually benefits those who live there.
    2. the amount of normal raid passes people have to buy just for a chance to get one in ridiculous.
    3. those who don’t live in the city will never benefit.
    4. People are not made of money.

  • Prinshka

    The invites are sent a long time before the raid. More than a week. Casual players will probably forget about their invites from now to the 26th.

  • Vladimír Podzimek

    Still the same didnt receive any ex raid from the start in city with more than 100k people and i think about 100+ active players and going to raids actively.. cant understand this system

  • Akshay Yadav
    • Nilesh kamble

      Boss kya karneka ex ride pass ke liye

  • MarxBrothers88

    Hi! Every one. From Japan I’m sending this article to this forum , which could report a situation of Ex-Raid passes in my city, nearby Kyoto. So you could realize the situation of Unfair Pass Arrival is mostly same as my country.

    We also have one middle group of SNS aimed at Raid Battle , consists of ca.40 members. So far as I know, there are 5 gyms which were selected for Ex-Raid in my city. Among them only one is municipal park and rest of all are sponsored-gym.Today I asked to all , how many passes did you receive so far since the first EX-Raid. And so the sum of their answers is here.

    First of all , commonly most of our group members gained one Ex-Raid Pass. Particularly,some have done more than three hundreds times Legendary Raids, probably 500 raids in total ,but gained Only one Ex-Raid pass.Unfortunately one of them has no pass. He would be the most tragic one of our group. But his wife just has received a pass the first time this week. So what can I say to him, I do not know. On the other hand, only one player already has gotten one early ,when he had done yet about 30 Raids in total. And Only one member has received two passes , although he has done 260 Raids and 366 Legendary Raids so far.

  • Dan

    So, a group of 14 of us conducted a Suicune raid at a Starbucks local to us about a week before these invites dropped. 13 of us got an invite. Guess who didn’t.

    • Pinky Mirror

      Is there a chance the 13 trainers did other raids there without you?

      • Dan

        Only 2 of them did. The rest of us could only make one raid there.

        • Pinky Mirror

          Feel sorry for you

  • Tara Tron

    The entire system is garbage. If it was merit based instead of ‘lolrandom’ I could understand. But NO ONE SHOULD HAVE 5 MEWTWOS ALREADY IN A ‘TEST PHASE.’

  • Kim Holmström
  • Tommy Jewell

    Level 23 account 98%and 94% Mew2. Level 35 account 1 friggin 76% Mew2. There’s my salt I’ll put it all over the table

  • Pinky Mirror

    Only 4 sponsored gyms in Jakarta, and it’s not located in the city, they are outside of Jakarta, around 30-60 minutes away. Still, most of our 100+ trainers in our community (Hunters) managed to raid there 2-3 times a week or at least once. Only 3 trainers got the EX pass. Why?, because spoofers can raid there more often than us. Everytime we went raid there, we don’t need to bring many people as spoofers were so many. 97% of the EX raid passes went to spoofers. (Maybe not 97% as there are other communities) But still great amount of that EX raid passes went to spoofers and made us feeling so frustrated.

  • Lori

    People are totally being babies. It’s just a raid – you will all get your chances when it’s released. If you were one of the fortunate ones to get a pass you wouldn’t be whining. Just play the game – Mewtwo will be released soon- and I’m sure many more exraids available. I have raided hard with many others. The last gym there were over 30 people at one time alone. I think only a couple I raided with received a pass as I had. Everyone is mad at me or complaining about me getting passes. People are acting like big babies. I have gotten two expass and caught two big cats. There were only 9 players at the last exraid. Not many for sure I totally believe that the invites are totally random with no reason or rhyme. There are millions out there playing this game- our chances are low but I’m sure eventually everyone will get their chances OR because of all the babies- the exraids will be shut down and no one will get a expass. Regardless get over it- I had to take off work and drive 3 hours just to do a Mewtwo raid since I travel out of my rural area just to try to get a expass !! Seriously

  • sibbil

    this is so stupid testing and choosing .can u imagine if i will go for holidays and i will got invitation for ex raid. the worst moment

  • Joe Azarcon

    Having obtained an iv91 mewtwo in my low level account, all I can say is.. he’s pure hype. Tyranitar s much more useful! That, and the ex-raid system is a bit broken and unfair. Should just be a low probability raid pass to give everyone a chance. But the raid itself was great because the chance to participate was very slim ( just one for me, casual but active daily player), and everyone made time to get there, hard core and lucky casual players alike..

  • Kohls64

    So tired of this exraid business, have raided daily, have driven the hour it takes to get to the one sponsored gym by us, most of our gyms are at post offices or churches, am at lvl 35, and still no ex pass. Last one done was a week ago, drove again to the sponsored gym,raided with 10 or so. Did not get the pass sent out for the 26rh, but someone who already has 5 Mewtwo sure did.
    And now you decide to make it even more difficult to reach these so,called sponsored gyms at Sprint stores. The employees are the ones who earn the badges on those gyms.

  • MarxBrothers88

    I have received a nice announcement from official Nianticlab in the morning today. According to it ,the new system of EX-Raid Pass will release soon.How do you feel ?