In today’s news roundup, we’re bringing you a summary of smaller news and updates that weren’t previously covered in an official GO Hub post. We are almost certain that we forgot some of the news with the whole Groudon situation, so let us know in the comments below.

A new special box is on sale

A few hours after Groudon started appearing in gyms around the world, a new box sale went live in the in-game store. The sale lasts only until December 18th, when the real holiday sale is expected to appear.

The special box is priced at 480 PokeCoin and contains the following items:

  • 5 x Incense
  • 6 x Premium Raid Pass
  • 10 x Pinap Berry

It looks like a pretty sweet deal for solo players and raiders, especially with increased Incense usage during particular weather. The addition of Pinap berries is always welcomed.

Here’s an in-game image:

New spawn points appear around recently added PokeStops

According to a reddit thread and our later observations, it seems that Niantic has added new spawn points around recently migrated PokeStops. PokeStops and Gyms are frequently created by importing fresh portal data from Ingress and it was observed that the recently added POIs don’t have attached any nearby spawn points.

This has now been fixed and you should be seeing Pokemon regularly spawning around recently added PokeStops and Gyms.

  • William Mills

    Increased spawns with incense in certain weather?! Whatwhatwhaaat? I missed that, is it just a reference to weather affected spawns?

    • Matthew Coomes

      I’m fairly certain they’re implying that you might use the incense during specific weather conditions. Kind of like a multiplier to the already boosted effect the weather brings.

      In short, if you are after certain Pokemon that come out more frequently during rain, for example, then boost your chances of seeing that ‘mon even more during rain by adding incense, too.

      • AlphaOkami

        Perhaps it’s referring to people sitting in their homes using an incense to avoid going outside.

  • Haakon Hovde

    Is it only me, or has revives from normal pokestops almost completely stopped appearing?

    • Robdebobrob

      That is not just you. They drop from gyms. And when you do raids.

  • Chris Seals

    I just got an EX raid pass for Dec. 25th at a Sprint Store Gym.

    • Robdebobrob

      Someone in our whatsapp group is doing a EX-raid this monday, and has gotten a pass for 25th aswell :p

    • Pinky Mirror

      Some of my friends got it too. They raid just this afternoon (14 hours ago) and got the invitation about an hour ago.

    • Thorend

      My wife got one on the 25th at a local park.

  • Tablekiller

    Also got a EX Raid Pass for 25. Dec 5 PM in Germany, Shopping Mall “Centro” in Oberhausen.
    I’m level 28, raided about twice a week on this Arena with a Silver Badge and Silver Raid Medal.

    But the best of this story: The Shopping Mall is totally closed this day and theres no way to reach the Arena. Well played, Niantic -.-

    • Hee Chan Chae

      this proves that niantic does not care for their game and only cares for their money… and also this is the fastest way to increase spoofers…

      • Tablekiller

        Sadly you’re right. The only way to get to this Arena is by spoofing. And I had prefered to not doing it. Maybe Niantic sets this raid to another date. It’s a sponsored Gym and the people of the center will talk to Niantic and “see whats gonna happen”….

    • Alex Krebs

      Hi the Coca Cola Oase opens at 16:30 only for people with the EX Pass so you should be able to play that raid . . .

      • Tablekiller

        Hey, also heard that today from Centro Support on Facebook.
        Great thing that they are so cooperative with us players!

        • Hee Chan Chae

          foolish niantic. supportive people. um… yeah

  • Robdebobrob

    One of the stops near me got removed. I checked, Ingress and it was also gone there. Most likely some overachieving Ingress player asked it to be removed because the statue it supposed to represent was demolished during a remodel of that street.
    Luckilly the spawns in that area still remain.

  • anne-susan

    new passes are send for 25th, my lvl 24 got one, my lvl 33 not x’D

  • Brandon Atkinson

    please bring back special incubators

  • Christine Allen

    I think we figured out the Wurmple evolution problem! Change name to Cascoon first! Wurmple seems to want to evolve into the Silcoon first. I believe that will help some of you. Plus, we found holding your finger on the poke ball when catching, for some reason I can catch Pokemon that are over 1500 cp. With a regular poke ball!!

  • Hee Chan Chae

    This box is op. 6 raid passes = 600 coins + 10 pinap = >50 + 5 incenses = 400 coins = >1050 coins for a box that is 480 coins

  • Pam Pam

    yes I got an ex raid pass for Christmas day at lunchtime . how ridiculous to get it for then when most people are having Christmas lunch with family which I will and be many hours away from the pokestop. what is Pokemon Go trying to do, break up families? Not happy as it is my 1st pass

  • sai sandeep

    Pokestop submissions available now??😨

  • Greg

    Got 2 EX raid passes, for 2 consecutive Mondays, after completing 400+ raids amd giving up all hopes to get one. Niantic has improved a lot in terms of new creatures and new features. New weather conditions feature is welcome as there is an increased CP. for certain newly captured mons and bosses. Even spent some money on coins. Draconius is officially dead now, but gotta be grateful to them for causing Niantic to improve. Keep on your good work, PoGo Hub contributors. It helps a lot. Merry Christmas.