Niantic’s ban hammer has landed on Ingress cheaters caught using the Broker Guild tools for scraping and guardian hunting.

In an official statement published today, Niantic has addressed many community concerns and explained the punishment for cheaters.

Long story short, suspensions are being handed out left and right, no matter the offender’s rank in the community.

You can read the whole statement here:

It was recently brought to our attention that a third-party site has allegedly used data from Ingress without our consent. Extracting, scraping, or indexing our services or content is a violation of the Ingress Terms of Service. Niantic does not condone the use of websites or methods that have done so.

We are evaluating all options to protect our users, our game, and our rights and will take further action where appropriate. We are also reviewing the long-term plan for the Guardian medal.

Ambassadors and trusted reporters alleged to have been involved in the recent activity have either voluntarily stepped down or will be excused from their roles.

Ingress is defined by the passionate players who enable amazing experiences. We ask that you continue to foster relationships and make Ingress a welcoming community within and outside the game.

How does this affect Pokémon GO?

It’s unclear at this moment if a similar treatment will be applied for Pokémon GO cheaters. The community has been very vocal about severe punishment for GPS spoofers and bot users, but Niantic has remained silent on the matter.

It’s expected that Niantic will soon penalize GPS abusers and introduce additional security measures to prevent cheating, both in Ingress and Pokémon GO.

  • Edwin Fung

    Niantic will be extremely busy in the coming couple weeks. (Builing anti-spoofers + 3rd party apps security system, suing Draconius GO, improving Ex raids and developing Gen 3)

    • Raul Muñoz

      Anti-spoofing? I hope they are ready to lose millions of players.

      • Jayden Plays Pokemon GO

        Well it’s gonna benefit and harm legit players. Sometimes spoofers are what you need to beat a raid but they also have things in gyms that make you feel lame or they spoof and then someone can’t get into a raid lobby. It’s good and bad. Good because they will play the game freal and bad because sometimes you need em

        • Higher_Ground

          I wouldn’t waste a pass hoping that spoofers would push me over the edge.

          I don’t like when people have multiple accounts but that is probably a less shady way to go about getting “extra help” for raids.

          • Jayden Plays Pokemon GO

            Where I live, those multiple accounts are the win-loss of the raid. Especially for all the lvl 4 raids excluding t-tar.

      • Zapmeister

        They may lose millions of spoofers, and not care. If most of their revenue comes from sponsored locations, then that will be unaffected, since spoofers don’t even show up in person to patronize the sponsoring business.

      • Paul

        Terms Of Service says that spoofers are cheaters and cheaters are’t players.
        So don’t care about ban cheat b**ches that makes this game annoying and bored. Less cheaters -> more legit players -> more fun with this game

  • DevilxDan

    that bad new game draconius go That bad copy of Pokemon go. Hav the stupid spoofers been able to spoof on that aswell?

    • Juan Rubio

      I think not

      • Flemming Marcussen

        Considering that Draconius Go actually works fine on android emulators, I highly doubt that spoofing in it is hard to do.

        • Josh Hack

          I’ve seen it, it’s impossible (at the moment) To Spoof Draconius Go On Apple. Incredibly easy on Android Though

    • Joel Jensen

      ikr i downloaded the game to see what all the hype was about and it straight up freaking sucks!!

    • hkmaly

      Why would they care?

  • Leo Luo

    IDC I JUST WANT THAT EX RAID PASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Alaska Stark

      Oh, Calm down, will you? Annoying Children….

      • Chanderule

        Are you surprised?
        They are doing this bullshit for almost two months
        A guy that had 5 M2s got an invitation to a gym where I fought as well, but I didnt
        How does that seem even remotely logical?

        • Pablo Yale

          Is it fair? Clearly not. I’ve only gotten one ex raid invite out of 5 close to me. Then my annoying friend gets one and hasn’t even raided at that location. Srsly. Wtf.

      • DavidEssex

        Awww. Did you get bullied as a child? Poor little girl.

    • Pablo Yale

      T R A N S P A R A N C Y
      Niantic? Can you see this?

  • Nikolas Moore

    There have been no bans, what are you talking about and where do you get this false info from?

    • LurkinLizard

      If you read the article, you would have the answers to your questions. The information came directly from Niantic itself, so calling it “false” may possibly be a little tiny bit of a stretch. 😛

      • Snåfar

        The statement does not mention bans. There have been no bans.

      • Alexis

        5 or 10 people have been asked to step down from positions as community representatives. There have been no bans or suspensions that anyone has heard of.

      • Nikolas Moore

        Step down from this position they made 2 weeks ago called Vanguard. It has nothing to do with your account and not a single person has been banned. I’m in the Brokers Guild and I would be of the first to know if there was anyone banned

        • Xayla Smgesu


      • Xayla Smgesu

        I read the article and know that there have been 0 bans. Only the direct quote can be attributed to being “directly from niantic itself,” and it doesn’t say anyone is being banned. This is legitimately false information. Mr. Moore is correct.

  • 1st the turf war with Draconius Go and now this.

  • Pedro Cairo

    Infelizmente o sistema nao funciona no Pokemon Go, muitos jogadores trapaceiam e continuam jogando. Sistema “pague para ganhar .

  • Sirius Vann

    I believe they are setting up a step to suing Draconius Go, along with other AR games that are out there now.

    Many of the new AR games are reliant upon Ingress gym locations. Without Ingress, POGO would have never been able to set spawn points, pokestops and gyms.

    • hkmaly

      Not sure about others, but Draconius Go definitely doesn’t use Ingress portal locations.

      • Zapmeister

        That’s right. However, it does model the pogo GUI very closely, so much so that there may well be legal issues with it. Which is a real shame because, from what I’ve seen of it so far, it appears to be a much better game than pogo.

  • Raul Muñoz

    If niantic bans gps spoofers ,they will lose millions of players who are unable to physically play the game or who live in rural areas,so i doubt they will get rid of spoofing.

    • Robdebobrob

      (edit: i ment “good they will lose the millions of spoofers”. Not “good they wont get rid of spoofers”.)

      • Ginoza Nobuchika – Kuro (kuroi

        I don’t see the point in playing PoGo if you’re physically disabled. Then just play the Pokémon versions where you don’t have to go out. They have to offer more, anyway.

        • Robin Poirier

          spoofers and cheater have no faction or team..

        • Higher_Ground

          I’ve met a few disabled players while playing Pokemon Go. Two of them are way more dedicated than I (both are level 40 legitimately).

          I know not everyone’s situation is the same but playing the sympathy card here is just rubbing it in the face of those who play through hardship fairly.

      • James Johnson

        they will lose millions of dollars

        • Dan

          That’s not possible. They didn’t even make $1 Million over the course of the first year. $950,000 is gross revenue.

          • James Johnson

            Do you get your news from CNN?

          • Dan

            Uh, no. Niantic releases it’s earnings in January for the previous year. When they did in January of 2017, it was $950,000 for 2016. Unless the article I read didn’t put enough zeros.

    • Zapmeister

      The mere fact that Niantic have condemned spoofing and taken action against it (slashed pokemon and bans) on several occasions is obvious proof that their business model does NOT depend on spoofers.

      • Chris Denton

        Has there been a banwave for spoofers since raids were added? I can’t remember if there has or hasn’t been but if there hasn’t, it could be assumed they are making a lot from spoofers on raid passes, since they haven’t banned them after raids were released.

    • LurkinLizard

      Rural player here and I’ll uninstall this game before I’ll cheat. And we’ve had local people show up in person to raids in wheelchairs and on walkers, and there’s even a gal in our chat who drives her disabled mom to raids. So…rural is a poor excuse. And even disabled…it can be done legitimately still, unless you’re completely paralyzed from the neck down, in which case how would you spoof, anyway? Our local group would drive to pick up a member who couldn’t get around, and I doubt we’re the only ones who would take care of our Pokefam like that..

      • Chris Denton

        This is bs. You are saying it’s fine that people have to drive 35 minutes to an hour one way just to find anything. It’s not fine. It would be fine if that’s how everyone had to play but it’s not. How many stops or gyms do you have in your town? Curious what you think rural is.

        I can’t even get my discord group to wait for me to get to town let alone drive around and pick people up.

        I’m a legit player and I’m sick of having to fill up every other day to continue playing this shell of a game.

        Maybe niantic has partnered with the oil companies.

        • peponzio

          Niantic did it wrong to base their app with Ingress portal data. The truth is that where more people are congregated the more chances for stops, gyms and spawns to be validated.

          This should not apply to pokemon. Pokemon are free and roam equally anywhere, not where people are more commonly found. Gyms and stops maybe but not pokemon.

          In any case it is not fair for rural players as we the players have little impact in the actual available stops. Player submissions in pogo have been long overdue.

          Maybe make it so urban places require more acknowledgenent for a succesful submission whereas rural places require less numbers to make things happen. Detect the demographics.

          • Chris Denton

            I agree, spawns should not be based on ingress data. I think there should be an insense always on so that no matter where you are, you will always see something and the more you walk the more you see. They already have it coded in the game, they just charge you to use it. Maybe when sightings changes to nearby it could turn on the insense.

            I would still buy a super insense if it attracted only rares. I could live with 2 stops and 1 gym if the game didn’t rely so heavily on gyms and stops.

            Breeding so I don’t need to go to town to get eggs that are always crap.

            There needs to be a way we could gain xp comparable to city folks doing raids all day long on their 100+ gyms.

            Niantic are just dumb.

            Want to stop 3rd party trackers? Develop a working in game tracker.

            Want to stop 3rd party iv checkers? Give us a fully functioning appraisal system.

            Spoofing wouldn’t exist like it does today if the game was playable everywhere. They are creating the problem by their awful game design.

          • peponzio

            It would be great if in the pokemon status screen after you appraise once, the rating is saved and displayed somehow. As in no more multiple appraisals just because we didn’t write it down.

            Come on do we need outside tools to remember our own pokemon? I want to name my pokemon “Flameard” instead of “15 14 15”.

          • Chris Denton

            I just want mine to say the Pokémon’s name and under that show the 3 values. Not rocket science lol.

          • peponzio

            Hmmm. The thing is they are hidden values, individual values and not even in the Pokemon games at least not the first 6 generations there was no way to see those values in screen. You could figure them out by talking to several NPCs and maybe using a tool.

            But there are no NPCs in PoGo so even if the appraisal became better or precise it wouldn’t probably stay visible. I’d honestly prefer the current system to become permanently visible as in appraise once and no more, than an exact system you’d have to use repeatedly if you didn’t write it down.

          • Higher_Ground

            they should just let you add marks to it like you can already with the star. The games now give you 6 marks to add (I think it’s 6).

            Three would be fine by me. I already name them “A” “B” “C” etc to match the appraisal. It would just be faster than having to type.

          • Chris Denton

            While I do agree that it isn’t visible in the old games, I don’t think that would be a deal breaker seeing as so much is already different or missing all together.

            I’m just saying if you want to eliminate the other programs it needs to be done in app.

      • Paul

        The same here. I have no pokestops or gyms nearby but that don’t prevent me to get 40 as a legit player. We are steak together with players nearby and go to city on weekends by car or bus. And no one cry about legendaries or motivation to spoof, coz our region team beat hem all every weekend.

        So I don’t know why people cry everywhere and start cheat. Seems like they are all disabled people ^( But if you are disabled you may know that yours advantage un Pokemon go don’t make you more cure or recover

      • Cheyenne

        Okay but for the people who want to fill out their Pokedex and who literally only have like the same 5 or 6 Pokemon in their town/location. Not every town is like yours where everyone cares and would do that for each other. SO I definitely disagree with you. Plus there is probably a lot of people who work a lot and can’t always get out of the office or something. People can’t just afford airplane tickets to fly around the world to catch one Pokemon. That’s stupid! How are spoofers bad? They will probably help you in a raid battle if you don’t have enough. Like I would understand if they constantly kick you out of a gym, but still most of the time they go out to catch Pokemon or raid.

    • Paul

      Lost in yours dreams, spoofer.

      Terms Of Service says that spoofers are cheaters and cheaters are’t players.

      So don’t care about ban cheat b**ches that makes this game annoying and bored. Less cheaters -> more legit players -> more fun with this game

      • Monica Matos

        Spoofers are quite helpful when doing raids in downtown Manhattan. That seems to be the only place where enough people join. Every other place never had anyone raiding.

        • Paul

          Disagree. Peoples, who cry a lot about “not enough players for raids” don’t care about raids organization at all. Peoples who care, makes a groups by searching legit players in facebook, telegram, instagram, linked or make his/her own community for playing together and raid beating. Coz in any region or state are enough legit people for legendary raids.

          Rural players in my own region steak together every weekend for legendary. They took bus or car and move to nearest city with a lot of gyms once per week and do over 10-20 raids in 1-2 days.

          • Chris Denton

            How can you disagree with someone else’s personal experience? Lol. Like it or not in some areas, spoofers are the only way to get enough help. Spoofing is popular in my area because there is 1 gym and virtually no spawns.

            5 out of the 6 players in my town spoof. They all know spoofing is cheating and they could get banned, but they don’t care because they want something to do and there’s nothing here.

            If you think this is false, just imagine all of your gyms and stops dissappeared and you were left looking at roads. You should find another city about 45 minutes from yours and only play there. Every time you want to catch something or do a raid, drive 45 minutes to do it. It’s fine that others have to do that so you should as well. Right?

            Also your assumption that “peoples” can’t organize is false. You can organize until you are blue in the face and that will not create more players.

            I only responded because you are downplaying a serious issue with this game. You can’t dismiss everyone who has this problem because a couple people you know bus in to your city to play.

          • Paul

            Dude, there is Niantic law zone. So you can agree with his rules or stop playing or wait when game will be more playable but NO CHEAT.

            I know about no gyms or stops on my own practice. I’m lvl 40 and there are no gyms or stops near my home and work place – i need to drive over 15-30 mins for nearest gym or stop.

            Our community starts with 3 legit trainers in a telegram channel! And after 3 month there are more than 60 legit players from our region(100-150 miles) that are enough to drive to nearest city and beat raids 7 days per week or play together on weekend.

          • Chris Denton

            Lol ok buddy. I never said it was right to cheat. I said it’s the only way to be good in my area. 3 more went to the dark side on our discord this week.

            So you have to drive 30 minutes to play the game and you don’t think there is a problem. Right.

            Wait wait wait. That’s a terrible suggestion as I’ve been waiting over a year and nothing has changed for the better.

            I’m curious what area you play in that qualifies you to tell everyone else about their own experiences in their own areas.
            -“Coz in any region or state are enough legit people for legendary raids.”

  • hkmaly

    So … do I understand correctly that those cheaters mostly used informations useful for advanced stuff of ingress not present in Pokemon Go? Like, removing someone from oldest portal they have doesn’t matter in Pokemon Go.

  • Alexis

    As has been mentioned by other commenters, there have been no bans or suspensions — I’m not sure why you think that there were. 5 or 10 people have been asked to step down as community representatives, but there have been absolutely zero in-game consequences that anyone has heard of. (The cheating involved a network of data scrapers that collected information used to deny a significant achievement to many players, which at one point was enough to keep many victims from levelling up.)

  • Daniel

    Ingress THE dead game nobody plays today this game

    • Eric Shoemaker

      As a long term player of Ingress, I left the game because of the “Guardian Hunting” by using third party “scraping ” bots. There was not way to prove that that is what they were doing, but I had a player show me how it was done and the information was correct. Niantics would not do anything about the “scraping. Now that there only a few dedicate d players left and people left and took their money, Now they want to do something about it. Sorry Niantics, you are too late to recover all the lost revenue you could have had, you should have listen sooner.

      • Xayla Smgesu

        Which would matter if revenue were their goal, but it’s not.

        • Eric Shoemaker

          I beg the differ, look at all of the micro transactions, all of the pay events, and let’s not forget the in game sponsors like “AXA, Lawson, Circle K, and a few others. It is the “goal of all companies to make money. The money from the sponsors alone, should allow Niantics to put on Free Events. But that is not the case. You even have to pay for NL#1331 cards now. So Yes REVENUE is their goal. If Ingress does not get the revenue in the near future, then it will will be lost in the history books.

  • Gustavo Mota

    jus making more and more ppl to go to Draconius GO, i mean, the game is terrible but it is so nice to have a strong competitor to make Niantic stop procrastinating lol

    • Chris Denton

      To me, draconiousGO isn’t competition. It’s more a proof of concept that shows niantic screws their players for no reason at all.

      It will never be pokemon ☹️

    • Zapmeister

      Drago is not terrible. On the contrary, in almost every respect, the gameplay is deeper and more engaging. And it’s not as hungry for battery power. Unless you particularly want to look at graphics depicting pokemon, there’s no reason to stick with pogo.

      There’s a greater variety of both location types (in addition to its equivalents of pokestops and gyms) and items that are genuinely useful. It even has arenas (i.e. gyms) where you collect 10 coins for every 21 hours of defence. Now, why didn’t Niantic think of that 😉

    • Pablo Yale

      If Draconis makes another clone and gets a similar licensed property like Digimon or Monster Rancher…

      … oh I’d delete my pgo account for Monster Rancher so effing quick….

  • Jake Broo (Stoopedusername)

    Such bs. There have been, and will be no bans from this.

  • Ruth Shepherd

    Fake News. No banhammer has been shown yet in connection with Broker’s Guild.

  • Messiah Marie

    Niantic can kiss their money goodbye! Spoofers have helped me in many Boss Raids. So f**k you Niantic!

    • Gustavo Mota

      Really? How? I need help here, i live in a rural area with just 1 Gym and not enough player to take that Entei down 🙁

      • Higher_Ground

        of course he/she’s making that up. Unless they’re counting that one time they got “help” to take down a flareon…

        The odds of having 5-6 spoofers show up at one gym are extremely low… and even then why would you go raiding with the expectation of finding them? Most people form a group first or at least agree to meet up.

        • Brad

          wrong! Get on the local discord or FB group and say you need “air support” and at least 5 spoofers will join in and help. I did it for a week and it got old quick. I don’t do raids anymore.

          • Jayden Plays Pokemon GO

            I agree. This is pretty common where I live. But then it started dying

        • Jayden Plays Pokemon GO

          Your joking right. Soooooo many smaller towns rely on spoofers to help. Like people in my local raid groups say they’ve seen someone spoofing and they are literally like 20 feet away from the raid. And sometimes, you need those few more people. I waited 20 minutes once praying to god people/spoofers showed. 3 people only. We just barely beat the Entei. But watch what you’re saying. You probably don’t need to rely on em sometimes

        • Cheyenne

          You are wrong. I’ve been in a lot of raid battles that were legendary and if it wasn’t for a couple of spoofers then we couldn’t have done it. And living in a small town that literally only has about 1,500 people in it and only about 50 Pokemon go players that actively participate in raids, spoofers actually help.

  • Finn Brown

    who actually cares about spoofers being banned

    • Daniel Doiron

      i dont mind them until they hit ALL gyms in my province without warning, just to all gyms gold , it’s painfull annoying.

      but seriously, theyll NEVER be banned lol….. because they are the most hardcore who spends $$$ on the game for niantic.

      • Higher_Ground

        naw, I know several legit players who spend $$$ on the game. If you’re going to spend money, you might as well go out and enjoy it, right? Why spend money AND sit on your behind? How is that fun?

        • Daniel Doiron

          don’t ask me, ask the spoofers lol, the fact still remains , they won’t be ban because they spend more than casuals players.

          • Higher_Ground

            Says who? I strongly disagree that they spend more money.

            Also, I don’t think Niantic cares about how much money they spend. It’s likely an extremely small fraction of their earnings.

          • Daniel Doiron

            no they do. only the spoofers do 20-30 + raids per week or more , and all want their gyms gold badge in their town, then move further to get more, rinse and repeat.

            if you think the casuals are the one spending a lot of money doing raids then your wrong, it’s the hardcore players and the spoofers making them bank.

          • Higher_Ground

            Hardcore players spend hardcore money.

            This is a stupid debate because you’ve obviously got no more proof than I do. However, the discord I’m in has a dozen hardcore members or more (all have spent hundreds on gotchas alone) and probably 1000 regular folks who only spend a few bucks. We shun spoofers and report them. As such, there are very few spoofers in our city.

            They are a tiny, tiny minority of players. I have zero reason to assume good faith (that is, that they aren’t lying) for a group of people who brazenly cheat in a super easy to play mobile game.

      • Cheyenne

        I agree with you. I don’t care if people spoof to get pokemon or put their pokemon in a gym that’s already their color but I do understand if some just put there pokemon in there and they get taken out by a spoofer right after.

  • Fox

    Aff mó palhaçada isso ai
    Pokemon e Ingress deveriam ser coisas “diferentes” e independentes um do outro.
    Niantic não respeita seus jogadores.

  • Partysaurus Rex

    Why are you still focusing on Ingress? If PoGo is now the flagship game, then the focus needs to be there. A game that is a year younger than Ingress has 3 times as many players. You have to be a special kind of stupid to continue to develop FOR Ingress and then try to port what you are doing over to your more popular game. At this point PoGo should be dictating what happens in Ingress. Not the other way around.

  • Jlassi Achref

    Hi Niantic
    I playing all the day gym sponser and i m not get EX RAID PASSE
    but my freind play one gym and he get this EX RAID why. and you want to be stop spoof and go to catch rattata and pidgey
    please reply for my message

  • Robert Byrne

    What a load of tosh. I don’t remember Ash just aimlessly throwing pokeballs and catching whatever he wanted. Plus he never had a car or was on a bus and hit a load of pokestops on the way ‘ so is that considered cheating too ‘
    The game should be allowed to be played anyway you see fit as a player. The game play is very basic anyways and is repetitive. Why there hasn’t been any sort of challenges where I could test my mons apart from them raids ‘ which are only possible if spoofers join the battle ‘ why has there not been a challenge raid. Enter with 6 mons and use 4 two mons vr two like in the games. This is just a throw catch repeat.
    The new gym battles has ruined the small bit of competitive nature the game had. It looks to me that the developers will just keep releasing new Pokemon with nothing to do with them so that money will be spent upgrading storage for mons and items.

  • Misba Mch

    Draconius is best game I like Nintic is over react..