Easter event speculation and why not a Shiny week?

A few days ago we were surprised with the Water Festival event, where we could observe the appearance of the first shiny Pokémon. Maybe...
Shiny Pokémon GO

More Shiny Pokémon could be released after the Water Festival (March 29)!

Friday is a casual day in most of Europe, including Croatia, the country where Pokémon GO Hub articles get written, usually over too much coffee...
Pokemon GO Spawn Points Guide

Researching Pokémon GO Spawn Mechanics

Spawn points are the core of Pokémon GO, spread across the world like a network of bee hives that create wild Pokémon encounters. It's the...
Pokemon GO Gen 2

Pokémon GO Blissey: the tank of all tanks | Max CP, stats, spawn locations

USER GUIDE | Submitted by JustBurris on March 9th 2017In terms of Pokémon GO, Blissey has been a meta defining Pokémon, mostly in Gyms and in...

King’s Rock in Pokémon GO: “Congratulations, you have a King’s Rock. Now what?”

USER GUIDE | Submitted by Larian on 8th March 2017With the release of Generation II, you have a lot of new Pokémon to evolve. One of the...
poliwrath vs politoed

Poliwrath versus Politoed

USER GUIDE | Submitted by marcosm8 on 8th of March 2017With branched evolution currently active in the game, we would like to discuss the best option...

Pokemon GO Donphan | Max CP, moves, stats | Spawn locations

USER GUIDE | Submitted by JovJov14 Donphan in Pokémon GO I remember seeing a Donphan for the first time when I watched Mewtwo Strikes Back. It was...

Pokémon GO Lanturn – bright light from the sea!

USER GUIDE | Submitted by JovJov14It's a common practice in Pokémon Go to catch and collect those that we are sure will make our Pokémon...
Pokemon GO Cheats Are Finally Banned

In 2017, GPS Spoofing is the real bane of Pokémon GO

Trainers, over the past few months, we've received a fair share of questions, reports, angry e-mails and screenshots from angry readers who got frustrated by...
Pokemon GO Gen 2

Generation II and beyond: the next 6 months in Pokemon GO

Sunday is usually a rather slow day in many countries and cultures, my own Croatia included. It's often the perfect time to relax, unwind...
Pokemon GO Gen 2

New Generation I Movesets after Generation II Launch

New Generation I Movesets after Generation II Launch Trainers, a number of Generation I move sets has changed in the GAME_MASTER and is no longer available...

Updated Egg Chart: Valentine’s Day

We've observed a shift in the Egg hatching groups following the Valentine's day event on 08th February 2017. Refer to the updated chart below...
Pokemon GO Mental Health Improvement

Niantic, Pokémon generations and the long game

Days come and go, one by one, with no big news on the horizon in regards to the next Pokémon generation and the future of the...
Pokemon GO APK

How to APK mine Pokémon GO: a data miners guide

APK mining, or data mining, is the process of exploring and reading the code behind Pokémon GO. We've been doing this for a while already,...

Top 5 useless Pokémon in Generation 2

Trainers, listen up! It's currently a slow period for Pokémon GO and we all know what we want next: Generation II! Generation II is notorious for bringing...

Pokemon GO Electric Biome Analysis

This is a copy of a research piece written by WoodWoseWulf and published on TheSilphRoad. It's published on GO Hub for safe keeping and not getting...

Fire Emblem Heroes In App Purchases Guide

First, what is Gacha? The term Gacha originates from "Gachapon", which are these. You've likely seen these before even in the west - the little...

Fire Emblem Heroes Character List

Name 3 4 5 Color Abel, the Panther 4 5 Blue Arthur, Hapless Hero 3 4 Green Azama, Carefree Monk 3 4 Grey Azura, Lady of the Lake 5 Blue Barst, The Hatchet 3 4 Green Bartre, Fearless Warrior 3 4 Green Beruka, Quiet Assassin 3 4 Green Caeda, Talys's Heart 4 5 Red Cain, The Bull 4 5 Red Camilla, Bewitching Beauty 4 5 Green Catria, Middle...

Potential new moves for Gen 1 and Gen 2 Pokémon

Potential new moves for Gen 1 and Gen 2 Pokémon A list showing all new Move combinations that Pokémon can learn in the main series...
Pokemon GO Gen 2

Pokemon Generation 2 Minimal Wallpapers

Pokemon Generation 2 Minimal Wallpapers A collection of beautiful minimal Pokemon wallpapers from, filtered only to show Generation II Pokemon. Please note that the '#'...

Other games we play

A collection of guides, charts and news for games that are not Pokémon games but still are amazingly fun and interactive! Legacy of Discord...
Legacy of Discord: Furios Wings Guide

Legacy of Discord: Wrathwing Stats

Legacy of Discord: Wrathwing Stats A page dedicated to Legacy of Discord Wrathwing analysis and stat explanation. Updated with the latest game data. Tier Name Stat Improvements Role HP ATK Ele P.DEF M.DEF 1 Strider 750 25 0 0 0 Initial Wrath...

Trainer Avatar Customization

Pokémon GO Trainer Customization There are currently 7 possible customizations you can apply to your Pokémon trainer in Pokémon Go. Trainer Customization Options are called Customization...

Players hate the “new” tracker recently rolled out by Niantic

Yesterday, two major things occurred in Pokémon GO: the 8th Nest Migration happened and the new version of ingame tracker rolled out to more US...
Winter Ice Type Pokemon GO

Let’s talk about future Pokemon GO events: Christmas and Easter ideas

Trainers, given that the Halloween event is a complete success, it's time for some theories on how the future Pokemon GO events could like!...

Pokémon GO Ditto Hints

Pokémon GO Ditto Hints As of 0.47.1 Ditto is obtainable and capturable in game, but unfortunately nobody knows how - yet. This is a short...
Poké Pelagio Island Guide

Poké Pelago Guide

Poké Pelago Guide Poké Pelago (not Pelagio) is a new area that was added in Sun and Moon, that finally enables you to use Pokémon in...
Pokémon GO Alola forms

Pokémon GO Alola Forms

Only Generation I Pokemon have Alola Forms in Sun and Moon, which means only Kanto Pokémon in Pokémon GO can have Alola forms. There...
Pokemon Sun and Moon OST

Pokémon Sun and Moon ROM leak: the soundtrack (OST) is beautiful!

You are probably aware by now, but the ROMs (virtual copies) of Pokémon Sun and Moon were leaked on 4chan recently. The copies were...

Niantic revives Pokemon GO with events, daily bonuses and frequent updates

We've all heard the doomsayers, the harbingers of Pokémon GO death, the Business Insiders of the world claiming that Niantic is ruining their own...