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Generation 1 hatches added to the Generation II Egg chart!

Trainers, we've been hard at work for the past three days and the results are finally here! Our Generation II Egg chart now includes the initial list...
Pokemon GO Trading releases in Fall 2016

Trading beta code completely removed in 0.57.2!

Trainers, we haven't seen a lot of talk about this, but the fragments of trading code that were leftover from the Pokémon GO beta have been...
Pokémon GO Smeargle

Confirmed: Smeargle is not yet available, possible future event in line with Ingress events

Trainers, today we took a second look on the decoded 0.57.2 GAME_MASTER and we have some news to report. We would not call these news "bad" per...

We are building a Generation II Egg chart – together!

Trainers, the update has been out for 15 hours now. It's time to start collecting data on Eggs in order to build an Egg chart....
Scyther Metal Coat Evolution

Gen 1 to Gen 2 Candy Requirements

Trainers, here's the full dump of cross generation Candy requirements. Rock on! Golbat -> Crobat: 100 zubat candies (nothing special) Gloom -> Bellossom: 100 oddish candies and...

Centralized Generation 2 facts

Stats Movesets Generation 1 movesets have been rebalanced. Some moves like Hyper Beam got their damage upped from 120 to 150. Dragon Claw became a 3-bar...

How to get Umbreon and Espeon in Pokémon GO: Sakura & Tamao

Trainers, we've been hard at work with our friends and colleagues Youtubers, namely Mystic7 and Reversal and we're proud to bring you this discovery: Name your Eevee...

Generation II releases… TOMORROW, February 17!

Trainers, a leak by Sprint just confirmed the date. February 17th. It's happening. It's here. It's coming. Get ready. Here's the full announcement: OVERLAND PARK, Kan....
Scyther Metal Coat Evolution

Evolution Item mechanics leak, no Free Storage upgrade and more PokéStops for Europe

Trainers, here's a quick roundup of recent news in Pokémon GO. Some are good, some are bad, but overall it's a good time to be...
Pokemon GO Generation 2

New textures, icons and effects in 0.57.2 APK

Trainers, we've collected a small assortment of new textures and icons introduced in 0.57.2 APK for your enjoyment. Interestingly, no Kanto medal has been leaked yet. We...

Pokémon GO 0.57.2 APK Datamine – the Generation II APK!

Trainers, we are datamining the new Generation II APK. Here are the results and the results of TheSilphRoads datamine are after: New Johto Badge! BADGE_POKEDEX_ENTRIES_GEN2 It's here. The...
Pokemon GO Generation 2

UI Changes in Generation II update

Trainers, today's video trailer for Generation II brought back an amazing amount of hype, while also confirming things we discovered earlier this week. We are confident to...
Pokemon GO Generation 2

OFFICIAL Generation II trailer is out!!!

0 It seems the trailer is now blocked by Niantic. The official news is on the Pokémon GO blog. Without much fuss, here it is, finally,...
Pokemon GO genders

Yesterday, we made Niantic react and we’ve got some interesting news to share.

Trainers, the past 24 hours were an emotional rollercoaster for us and the rest of Pokémon GO community. It all started in the morning with...

Generation 2 coming out on 18th of February?

Trainers, today we received a photo from a reader in Germany, showing a banner in a shopping mall in Leipzig, Germany. The shopping mall is part of...
Pokemon GO Generation 2 Starter Models

Generation 2 spawns, new Berry Effects and avatar customisation added in GAME_MASTER!

Trainers, the GAME_MASTER file changed today and is now showing some incredible new info. All of the berries in the code, even the unused Bluk,...

Hanke on future of Pokémon GO: global events, trading and PvP are priority...

In an interview with Vice, John Hanke, the CEO of Niantic Labs, shared a number of interesting facts on the current state and future...

New sponsors announced in Japan: Ito En and Tully’s Coffee!

According to an official Japanese source, Niantic has unveiled two new sponsors in Japan: Ito En and Tully's! This change happened an hour ago and...
Pokemon GO Nest Migration

13th Great Pokémon Nest Migration has occurred!

Trainers, Pokémon Nests have changed again! This was observed in the wild around 12 hours before the writing of this post, at UTC midnight of...
Pokémon GO Valentine's Event

Valentine’s Day Event Guide: Porygon, Blissey and Buddy time!

Trainers, the Pokémon GO Valentine event is live now and lasts until 11:00 A.M. PST on February 15, 2017. The rewards for participating in this...
Pokemon GO Mental Health Improvement

Niantic, Pokémon generations and the long game

Days come and go, one by one, with no big news on the horizon in regards to the next Pokémon generation and the future of the...
Pokemon GO Landscape Mode Android and iOS

New PokéStops and Gyms have been added to the game. Check your area!

Trainers, multiple sources have confirmed that new PokéStops and Gyms were added in their local area. Some PokéStops were converted to Gyms also. Check your area to...

A new Android bug in 0.55.0 is crashing Pokémon GO

Trainers, please be aware that the following bug was found and confirmed in the latest 0.55.0 version of the game: on a 40+ devices, Pokémon GO...

Celebi discovered to be an Incense spawn!

This morning we decoded and data mined the 0.55.0 metadata, reporting our findings on the GO Hub. Afterwards, we uploaded the decoded file on Github...
Pokemon GO Battery Drain

0.55.0 APK Data mining: new Badge, Shiny Pokemon and… spoilers ahead!

Trainers, we are in progress of data mining the new 0.55.0 APK that was released an hour ago. You can find the APK on APK Mirror....

Pokemon GO updated to 0.55.0 Android and 1.25.0 iOS

Trainers, heads up! Pokemon GO is being updated and the new update contains minor text fixes. We are excited to see whats nee inside! Finally the...

Umbreon, Espeon and Tyrogue models found on Niantic’s servers?!

The Spriters Resource is a web page dedicated to hosting and publishing game sprites and other assets, usually with high levels of quality and...

Poll confirms that 20% of Pokémon GO players use GPS spoofing!

According to an online poll hosted on Straw Poll, anywhere from 20% to 25% of Pokémon GO players actively use GPS spoofing techniques to...

PokéAlert shuts down after a Cease and Desist letter from Niantic!

As we previously reported, Niantic has been on a hunt for third party tracking apps like Pokémap, PokéAlert and similar. An hour ago, PokéAlert...

Niantic shuts down Pokémap and threatens several other Pokémon scanners!

This morning is going to be a sad morning for Pokémon GO players. We've received a number of confirmations that in addition to the recent...