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Level 39 Pokemon GO

The Jimmie Pitts Interview: Level 39 player from Buffalo, NY

We spoke with Jimmie Pitts, a truly hardcore Pokemon GO player from Buffalo, New York. Jimmie is a Level 39 Pokemon Trainer, and quite...
Pokemon GO APK

Pokemon GO APK 0.39.0 Instructions

While Pokemon GO 0.39.0 is slowly rolling out world wide, you can get it before it becomes officially available at your local Google Play...

FastPokeMap reaches 10 million daily views

This morning, whitelist_ip, the author and lead developer on FastPokeMap announced on Pokemon GO Dev subreddit that FastPokeMap has reached 10 million daily page views and 3...
Pokemon GO Trading

Pokemon GO Trading details discovered in a recent code dump

We are continuing to research the global-metadata.dat we dumped from the 0.37.1 APK yesterday. Previously we reported that there are no Ditto references in the code and today we're...

Data mining: Ditto Easter Egg is NOT in the game yet

We datamined the global-metadata.dat dumped from the 0.37.1 APK today and we have some bad news to report. We are sorry, but there are no...

John Hanke talks Poke Stop submissions, events, trading and trainer battles on Recode podcast

This morning turned out to be quite eventful, mainly thanks to the great people at Recode Decode podcast. Today's guest at Decode was John...
Increased Nests and Rare Spawn rates

Reports indicate increased spawn rates and new nests

A curious thread popped up on TheSilphRoad 10 hours ago, indicating that rare spawn rates have increased significantly. Soon, a number of players reported observing the...

A player from Austin reached Level 38 an hour ago!

Jimmy Derocher, a player from Austin has reached Level 38 merely an hour ago  as of this writing. Jimmy is a hardcore Pokemon GO player...
Upsight (user tracking platform) removed from Pokemon GO

Nearby tracker test is ending? Upsight platform removed from Pokemon GO

Our recent data mining revealed that Upsight, a mobile marketing and user behavior tracking platform, was removed from the Pokemon GO source code in the recent...
Pokemon GO APK

Pokemon GO APK 0.37.1 Instructions

While Pokemon GO 0.37.1 is slowly rolling out world wide, you can get it before it becomes officially available at your local Google Play...
Pokemon GO PLUS Review

Pokemon GO Plus Review: Don’t drink the Kool Aid

Today, 16th September 2016, is the official release date of the GO Plus companion device worldwide. We are lucky to have some great friends and...
Pokemon GO Nest Migration

Pokemon GO Nest Migration #3 is due tommorow

As we previously reported, Pokemon GO nests change every 23-24 day. The last "nest migration" happened on August 22 and today is the 23rd day since the last...

Distance tracking has improved – a lot!

We noticed yesterday evening that the egg tracking distance has improved - a lot. Our local friends and family tested the distance tracker in combination...
Ivysaur Grimer Bug

Grimer and Ivysaur bugs have been fixed

According to several reports from reddit, friends and family, the "Grimer crash" and the "Ivysaur model crash" bugs have been fixed. The fix is not...

Data Mined: Pokemon GO is coming to Android Wear!

We've managed to de-compile and data mine the latest Android build of Pokemon GO - 0.37.0. We are really happy to announce that Pokemon GO support...
Pokemon GO APK

Pokemon GO APK 0.37.0 Instructions

While Pokemon GO 0.37.0 is slowly rolling out world wide, you can get it before it becomes officially available at your local Google Play...
Pokemon GO Evolution Multiplier Chart

Data Mining 500 000 Pokemon Spawns and Encounters

We recently got our hands on a copy of a database containing more than 500 000 Pokemon encounters,  400 000 Poke Stops and 57 000...

Pokemon GO interface with GO Plus connected leaks

Pokemon GO interface with GO Plus was just leaked by Serebii on Twitter. The screenshots are here and the full source is here. Translation of...
Pokemon GO Trading releases in Fall 2016

Pokemon GO Trading details leak in ToS

While looking for data mining rules in the official Terms of Service, we stumbled upon a paragraph that clearly describes Trading, the terms and rights of...
PokeStop Names influence Spawns

PokeStop names influence Lure spawns – ongoing research

According to anecdotal and yet to be verified research by Shinroukuro, it seems that PokeStop names have influence over what kind of Pokemon spawn there....
Dragonites spawn near Cleafiry Spawns

Dragonites regularly spawn near Clefairy nests/clusters/spawns?

According to /r/TheSilphRoad, multiple players reported catching Dragonites near Clefairy nests and/or habitats. We went on to discover more on the matter. A player living in...
Operation PokeExplore Announced

Operation PokeExplore Results

Operation PokeExplore has officially finished, so let’s recap the weekend results of the entire operation. You can see the real time statistics at any moment here,...
Pokemon GO Nests Changes

Pokemon GO Spawn points have changed again today

Several players have reported that their usual Hunting Grounds now spawn different Pokemon. Recently, we observed that Pokemon GO Nests have migrated, and it seems that...
Pokemon GO Tips and Tricks

Pokemon GO Buddy List

Candy, Distance and Size Chart Pokemon GO Buddy Candy Distance and Size Chart was originally data mined directly from the latest GAME_MASTER file published by...
Operation PokeExplore Announced

Operation PokeExplore Real Time Visualisation

Operation PokeExplore is under way this weekend. Operation PokeExplore is a community effort to force Niantic to add new Poke Stops. Players world wide...
Pokemon GO Trading releases in Fall 2016

Pokemon GO Trading System is Coming Fall 2016

Three days ago, we leaked the Buddy system and were thrilled to see players response and reactions. Yesterday, Niantic confirmed it with a peculiar ending...
Pokemon GO Spawn points are modeled with Open Street Map data!

Pokemon GO Spawn points are modeled after Open Street Map data!

Tr4sHCr4fT, a reddit user has posted a striking discovery that Pokemon GO Spawn points are highly correlated with Open Street Map data. The discovery follows...
Pokemon Buddy System has been data mined

Pokemon Buddy System has been data mined!

Pokemon GO Buddy system has been data mined from the latest app version. We will be taking our favorite Pokemon for a walk soon. The...

Niantic Responds on Gym Bugs and Ban Issues

A few hours ago, Niantic opened the communication flood gates in a surprising flurry of social and official posts. Their official Twitter first stated that they...
Pokemon GO Nest Atlas Launched by TheSilphRoad

Pokemon GO Nest Atlas Launched by TheSilphRoad

Pokemon GO Nest Atlas was launched today by the biggest Pokemon GO research community - TheSilphRoad. This is the second time TheSilphRoad is launching the...

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