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Pokemon GO Server Issues Explained

Yesterday, The New Screen Savers aired an episode featuring a Pokemon Go map (PoGoMap) developer Michael Christopher and npm (*) co-founder and Chief Technology Officer Laurie Voss who...

Pokemon GO Java API

Today we're reviewing an interesting piece of software engineering - Pokemon GO API written completely in Java. API stands for application programming interface and it's a interaction...

Pokemon GO Big Datamining News Update

So last night Pokemon Go was decoded. This is often referred to as "data mining" where they look in the game code for things we...

New Pokemon GO Servers for Russia and Turkey deployed!

We've noticed that MMO Server Status page for Pokemon GO now displays two new server instance in the wild: Russia Turkey Although offline at the moment, these servers...

Thank you reddit, you guys are amazing!

Hello reddit, I started this web page a few days ago as a place to collect guides, help my friends and colleagues play the game...

Pokemon GO Servers deployed for Asian players!

After discovering that Niantic deployed additional servers for European players this morning, we have more good news to report - Asian players are also getting dedicated servers!...

New Pokemon GO Servers deployed in Europe!

Today is a good day for the European Pokemon GO players! According to MMO Server Status website report, it looks like additional servers were added to Europe - one...

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