Evolve Your Community Day Pokémon at these (approximate) Levels for Use in Trainer Battles

This article was started with the intention of giving our readers a quick reference to help them identify exactly which of their Community Day Pokémon would be worth evolving, to make them eligible for use in the Great and Ultra Leagues in the upcoming Trainer Battles.

But after hours of calculations and considerations, and due to the wide variation of level and IV combinations of wild-caught Pokémon, we have come to the conclusion that the best that we can do is to give you a range of levels (in the form of stardust costs) to narrow down which ones will most likely result in a final evolved CP of <1500 or 1501 – 2500.

It is highly advisable that you also use an IV checking app like Pokegenie to check the final CP of the evolved form of any Pokémon that fall within these ranges, before using your candies.

If possible, it would be advisable to get at least one version of each of the evolved Community Day Pokemon within the CP limits of the Trainer Battle Leagues, while they’re still able to learn their exclusive moves. These Pokemon can have amazing moves, which is something we already wrote about in depth: Pokemon GO December Community Day: Best Exclusive Moves to Look For.

At this stage, we would hold off on powering anything up until we know the full mechanics of the Trainer Battles feature – just get as close as you can by evolving alone for now.

We would also recommend leaving your evolutions as close to the end of the event as possible however, in case you find something that’s more worthy of the candy. But don’t leave it too late – only Community Day Pokémon evolved before the end of the event will gain their exclusive move. See here for the start and end times of the event in your region.

For more information about the recently announced Trainer Battles please see our Guide for everything we know so far.

Unevolved CD Pokemon If Stardust cost is within this range, its evolved form may be eligible for use in the Great League If Stardust cost is within this range, its evolved form may be eligible for use in the Ultra League
Bulbasaur up to 3500 3500-8000
Charmander up to 3500 3500-8000
Squirtle up to 4000 4000-8000
Pikachu up to 4500 4500-8000
Eevee (to Vaporeon) up to 2200 2200-7000
Eevee (to Jolteon) up to 2500 3500-8000
Eevee (to Flareon) up to 2200 2200-8000
Eevee (to Espeon) up to 2200 2200-7000
Eevee (to Umbreon) up to 4500 4500-8000
Dratini up to 1600 1600-3500
Chikorita up 3500 3500-8000
Cyndaquil up to 2500 2500-8000
Mareep up to 2500 2500-8000
Larvitar up to 1600 1600-4000
Beldum up to 1300 1300-3500

(Upper stardust cost limits assume the Pokemon hasn’t been powered up beyond level 35)

We hope this goes some way to helping you to build some awesome Great and Ultra League squads!

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