Galarian Ponyta Raid Guide

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Galarian Ponyta is a 1 star raid boss in Pokémon GO. The best counters for Galarian Ponyta are Dark and Ghost types. It is a pure Psychic type and has a raid boss CP of 5399. It can be caught with the following perfect CPs:

  • 800 – 969 CP (raid catch with no weather boost, level 20)
  • 1000 – 1212 CP (raid catch with [Windy] weather boost, level 25)

As a tier 1 raid boss Galarian Ponyta should be an easy solo for any player, even without the top rated counters.

Galarian Ponyta Sprites

Ponyta (Galarian)

The shiny form of Galarian Ponyta is available from Tuesday, May 11, 2021, at 10:00 a.m local time.

Normal Sprite Shiny Sprite

Galarian Ponyta Counters

Galarian Ponyta Counters
The supreme Galarian Ponyta Raid Counters
Gengar (Mega) Lick Ghost Shadow Ball Ghost
Gengar Hex Ghost Shadow Ball Ghost
Houndoom (Mega) Snarl Dark Foul Play Dark
Great Galarian Ponyta raid counters
Giratina (Origin) Shadow Claw Ghost Shadow Ball Ghost
Gyarados (Mega) Bite Dark CrunchDark
Chandelure Hex Ghost Shadow Ball Ghost
Darkrai Snarl Dark Shadow Ball Ghost
Yveltal Sucker Punch Dark Dark Pulse Dark
Mewtwo Psycho Cut Psychic Shadow Ball Ghost
Beedrill (Mega) Bug Bite Bug X-Scissor Bug
Hydreigon Bite Dark Dark Pulse Dark

As you can see, Ghost and Dark types feature prominently, so for a more budget counter, reach for your Banette, Mismagius, Dusknoir and more.

Galarian Ponyta Moveset

Galarian Ponyta has an unusual mixture of moves, from Fighting to Psychic to Fairy and Normal, but none should really cause you any problems no matter the choice of Pokémon you use to raid it.

Fast move Charge move
  • Low Kick Fighting
  • Psycho Cut Psychic
  • Play Rough Fairy
  • Psybeam Psychic
  • Swift Normal



Galarian Ponyta is an easy solo for any trainer, and a cutie to boot! It has a beautiful shiny and will be a prize in any trainers collection.

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