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Sinnoh Stone Tier list is here! Pokemon GO Sinnoh Stone is a special item that allows select Pokemon species to evolve into their Sinnoh (Gen 4) evolution stages. Unfortunately, Sinnoh Stones are a scarce resource and picking which Pokemon to evolve first is essential to using it properly. In this guide we’ll focus on which Pokemon you should evolve first, sorting the priority of evolution by their usage and meta relevance.

This guide only includes species that are currently available and will be updated when more Sinnoh Stone evolutions are made available in the game. Sinnoh Stone evolution priority:

High priority
1. Weavile
2. Electivire
3. Roserade
Solid options
4. Rhyperior
5. Honchkrow
6. Porygon-Z
Avoid evolving before obtaining other Pokemon from this list
7. Togekiss
8. Magmortar
9. Mismagius
10. Gliscor
11. Dusknoir

High priority


Weavile is a pleasant surprise among the Sinnoh Stone evolutions, as it is a viable option as an Ice and as a Dark type attacker. Although it is overshadowed by Piloswine, Weavile’s high stats, solid move pool and double type coverage make it a very compelling option to evolve first. A Weavile with double Ice moves is on par with Glaceon, slightly below Ice Beam Mewtwo and a lot better than Articuno, Lapras or Cloyster. A Weavile with double Dark moves often has higher DPS (but lower TDO) than a Tyranitar and trades punches with Honchkrow.


Electivire is slightly outperforming Magnezone in our simulations, mostly due to having access to an incredible Electric type move set: Thunder Shock with Wild Charge. Thunder Shock is simply a better move than Magnezone’s Spark, and thus Electivire can overcome the stat difference and often be on top. If you have a solid selection of legendary Electric types (Zapdos and Raikou), Electivire (and Magnezone) won’t be as interesting, despite being a top tier Electric type. Still, we give Electivire a strong recommendation.


Roserade is a beautiful yet poisonous force of nature. Roserade is also the best Poison type currently available in Pokemon GO, so it doesn’t surprise why we hold it in high regards. Roserade with double Poison moves simply shines against Fairy types like Clefable and Granbull. If you missed out on a Meteor Mash Metagross, Roserade is your second best option against Fairy types.

As far as Grass types are concerned, Roserade performs worse than a Venusaur, but better than Leafeon and Tangrowth on average. With access to Razor Leaf and Solar Beam, Roserade is a strong contender, but unfortunately we don’t see it getting a lot of usage vs. Water types. Electric types such as Electivire are more often used in those match ups. Another solid recommendation.

Solid options


Rhyperior lands in an interesting spot: if you already have Smack Down Tyranitars, Rhyperior won’t be a priority, as it performs slightly worse than a SD Tyranitar in every relevant match up (with the exception of Zapdos, where Rhyperior’s double resistance to Electric attacks makes a big difference). On the other hand, if you don’t have SD TTars, Rhyperior is your chance to catch up and obtain a super solid Rock type. As a Ground type, Rhyperior performs worse than Groudon, as expected, but it is still a relatively good option if you use it versus an Electric type.


Honchkrow is another solid Dark type that can be obtained by evolving with a Sinnoh Stone. Honchkrow is on par with Weavile in most match ups (vs Psychic types for example), but we still prefer Weavile: higher DPS, a bit less TDO, dual typed nature. Not to mention that Honchkrow evolves from Murkrow and nobody likes Murkrows. Yuck. (Unless it is a shiny)


Porygon-Z is in an unfortunate spot in the Pokemon GO meta game. A normal type isn’t particularly useful for anything, not even if it has access to Grass and Electric type moves. Porygon-Z usually lands around the #15 or #20 spot in our counters simulations, simply because there are better Pokemon that are super effective in those match ups. We even considered putting it in the “Avoid evolving” section, but given how high its stats are, let’s keep it as the last option in the “Solid” section.

Avoid evolving before other relevant Pokemon


Togekiss is a disapointing addition, as it, like many other Fairy types, doesn’t have access to a Fairy typed quick move. Armed with Air Slash Flying and Aerial Ace [Flying] / Dazzling Gleam Fairy, Togekiss can only be used as a Fighting type counter. Unfortunately, there is a plethora of Pokemon that are already present in the game that deal with Fighting types easily. Avoid evolving before other relevant Pokemon.


Magmortar’s move pool is pretty bad, and we cannot recommend evolving it early. With Fire Punch being its best Fire type charge move, Magmortar performs worse than most Fire types currently in the game. Also avoid evolving before other relevant Pokemon.


Mismagius is a weaker version of Gengar, especially if you compare it with a Lick / Shadow Claw Gengar. With lower stats and limited match up potential, evolving Mismagius should be avoided until you have collected all other relevant Pokemon from this list.


There is not a lot that can be said about Gliscor. Terrible move pool, low stats and a bizarre Flying / Ground typing make it a disappointment in both roles. We love the looks, but raid / gym performance is terrible.


Dusknoir is in the same boat as Gliscor – no real use, low stats, terrible DPS. Avoid at all costs and evolve last.

Boon’s note: Zero you liar! You told me Togekiss would be the best one to make! Now I’m stuck with this flying whale!!!

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