List of 23 new Pokemon that are now appearing in Pokemon GO: Dragon and Ground edition

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we are happy to announce that we’ve assembled the full list of the 23 new Pokemon that are now appearing in Pokemon GO. A majority of these Pokemon are commonly native to rough terrain, caves, rocky and dusty rocky biomes, hence the casual fan made name for this release is “The Rock and Ground wave“.

Update: let’s call it Rock / Ground wave, the comment section is up in arms about the Dragon / Ground wave name.

We shared our thoughts on these new Pokemon in the bottom portion of the article, so check it out to see which Pokemon are worth farming and investing Stardust. For a full list of Generation III Pokemon and our coverage of Gen III families check out this page: Generation 3.

23 new Pokemon: Rock and Ground wave
# Sprite Pokémon ATK DEF STA MAX CP
293 Pokémon GO Whismur stats and Max CP Whismur
92 42 128 603
294 Pokémon GO Loudred stats and Max CP Loudred
134 81 168 1233
295 Pokémon GO Exploud stats and Max CP Exploud
179 142 208 2267
299 Pokémon GO Nosepass stats and Max CP Nosepass
82 236 60 831
304 Pokémon GO Aron stats and Max CP Aron
Rock Steel
121 168 100 1232
305 Pokémon GO Lairon stats and Max CP Lairon
Rock Steel
158 240 120 2004
306 Pokémon GO Aggron stats and Max CP Aggron
Rock Steel
198 314 140 3004
322 Pokémon GO Numel stats and Max CP Numel
Fire Ground
119 82 120 957
323 Pokémon GO Camerupt stats and Max CP Camerupt
Fire Ground
194 139 140 2016
324 Pokémon GO Torkoal stats and Max CP Torkoal
151 234 140 2036
328 Pokémon GO Trapinch stats and Max CP Trapinch
162 78 90 1092
329 Pokémon GO Vibrava stats and Max CP Vibrava
Ground Dragon
134 99 100 1065
330 Pokémon GO Flygon stats and Max CP Flygon
Ground Dragon
205 168 160 2458
331 Pokémon GO Cacnea stats and Max CP Cacnea
156 74 100 1080
332 Pokémon GO Cacturne stats and Max CP Cacturne
Grass Dark
221 115 140 2092
337 Pokémon GO Lunatone stats and Max CP Lunatone
Rock Psychic
178 163 180 2245
338 Pokémon GO Solrock stats and Max CP Solrock
Rock Psychic
178 163 180 2245
343 Pokémon GO Baltoy stats and Max CP Baltoy
Ground Psychic
77 131 80 676
344 Pokémon GO Claydol stats and Max CP Claydol
Ground Psychic
140 236 120 1782
345 Pokémon GO Lileep stats and Max CP Lileep
Rock Grass
105 154 132 1181
346 Pokémon GO Cradily stats and Max CP Cradily
Rock Grass
152 198 172 2081
347 Pokémon GO Anorith stats and Max CP Anorith
Rock Bug
176 100 90 1310
348 Pokémon GO Armaldo stats and Max CP Armaldo
Rock Bug
222 183 150 2675

Best Pokemon in this wave

Aggron is a very exciting addition mostly due to it’s resistances and raw power. Aggron is the strongest currently available Steel type in the game and seems like a great counter for any Ice and Fairy type. If Articuno makes a comeback, Aggron will rise triumphant. Same goes for Regice.

Flygon is interesting, although not as powerful as other Dragons currently in the game. It’s strength comes from it’s versatility and we wouldn’t be surprised to see him in raids.

Other than these two, there are some interesting additions, but nothing ground breaking:

  • Exploud has an interesting move pool, worth checking out, but lack of STAB makes it lackluster-ish.
  • “The rocks” (Lunatone and Solrock) are basically budget versions of popular Psychic types, but again, nothing too exciting.
  • Whismur is the new Pidgey

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