New EX Mewtwo Raid: June 20th and 21st 2018


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As we start to get into the Water Festival Grind, Trainers have been out exploring, waiting for the chance at catching one of many shinies, including Luvdisc, Wailmer, Magikarp, Shellder, and even the Legendary Kyogre! And well, now there’s another reason to go out and explore… the sixteenth EX Raid Pass distribution! That’s right Trainers, the time has once again come to catch Mewtwo! But this begs the question: Until when can we count on Niantic to distribute EX Raid passes for Mewtwo rather than another Pokémon?

A new wave has just rolled out, targeting an EX Raid on June 20th or 21st depending on your timezone! We certainly hope that some of you will rejoice knowing that Niantic has a well defined pattern now in place for EX Raids and that our survey data from the past months keep pointing towards some great news!

We know that we keep promising to have an article revealing our data and more speculations about EX Raids, but sometimes life happens (really, BoonSlevin is usually who writes these announcements, but he’s so busy that he asked me to do it!). Rest assured however that these articles are coming and are still being given the work they deserve. Truth is, we also have a lot of data to analyze.

PS: Please make sure to complete our EX Raid survey!
(It is very important that you complete the survey and share it among the trainers in your community)

About EX Raids

EX Raids Pass distributions are certainly no longer curious, but certainly are still a pleasure to receive, even though some trainers have now well over 10 Mewtwo. Does that mean that everyone has yet been able to put their hands on one? No, but the number of trainers without a Mewtwo certainly has clearly decreased since Niantic as begun distributing EX Raid Passes on a weekly basis.

This is correct, the number of trainers still left without an EX Raid pass, i.e. a chance to capture Mewtwo, is growing thin! Barely 10% of the trainers are reporting having never received an EX Raid pass. This is incredible news and we hope to see this number decrease even more from this wave’s data. We’ll make sure to give you all the details in our “Let’s Talk EX Raids” article coming soontm.

A question remains: Could we potentially get a new EX Raid Boss? In our opinion, Niantic would first have to allow rural trainers with an alternative way of getting a Mewtwo for themselves, but with GO Fest, Willow’s birthday, and the 1-year anniversary of EX Raids on the horizon, anything is possible!

This is the sixteenth invitation wave after Niantic’s [more or less] recent acknowledgement that the invitation system should work differently now. Do you guys remember when there could be weeks between two EX Raid Pass distributions? We certainly remember and are thankful that these days are behind us. Although a pattern is clearly drawing itself, we once again urge all of our readers to take part in our EX Raid survey and share it afterwards, especially to players who did not get an invitation.

A few observations based on the reports that we are receiving for this EX Raid Pass wave:

  • Once again, reports are coming in smaller numbers than in the past few weeks, but this could come from that fact that every week, less and less trainers are left without a Mewtwo or that some trainers are simply “bored” by EX Raids (never thought we would see the day that that would happen);
  • The system clearly uses S2 L13 cells for the invitations, so we strongly suggest that you coordinate and trigger EX Raids accordingly;
  • In case you can’t attend an EX raid, reach out to Niantic’s Customer support.

In any case, check out our Mewtwo raid guide: counters, weather, capture chances, IVs and CPs, power up your Tyranitars and be prepared.

Make sure to join the discussion on our Discord server and be sure to report any research you find during your travels!


Boon’s note: Never ask Josh for help ever again

Josh’s Note: You know you love me boi 

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