What? Pokémon GO Hub’s Battledex is evolving!


Pokémon GO Hub’s Battledex, a metagame-oriented Pokédex, is evolving! Get those TMs, rare candies and stardust ready as your team will get in shape with this new series of articles coming soon to the Hub.

Ever wondered what’s the best moveset for a specific Pokémon? Or what’s its current place in the metagame? The Battledex will have all the answers you’re looking for!

What is the Battledex?

The Battledex is a comprehensive handbook for Pokémon GO, highlighting various aspects of meta-relevant Pokémon. Its new version, the Battledex 2.0, will feature a greater variety of Pokémon and new interesting additions, such as weather influence, raid viability and much more!

Pokémon GO’s metagame is constantly changing, mainly due to the addition of new Pokémon (as new Generations get released) and new moves (especially those only available during Community Day). If you want to stay up to date with the current state of the meta, this series of articles will probably help you.

What will the new Battledex include?

Pokémon GO developers are constantly adding new features to the game, and some of them directly influence the state of the metagame and the battle performance of several Pokémon. As an example, the dynamic weather system has been a major change to the game.

In the new Battledex 2.0, where each entry features a specific Pokémon, several aspects are taken into consideration:

  • General overview of the Pokémon
  • Best offensive and defensive movesets
  • Best counters
  • Weather influence
  • Raid viability
  • A final rating of that Pokémon for offensive, defensive and generalist purposes

What Pokémon are going to be considered?

Some Pokémon are relevant in the current metagame while others are just Pokédex fillers. The main purpose of the new Battledex 2.0 will be to include an entry for each meta-relevant Pokémon.

This does not mean that a specific Pokémon will never be considered. The metagame is constantly changing and perhaps an underrated or underused Pokémon will be viable in the future.

Furthermore, we want to clearly state that we are always listening to your concerns and reading your comments and feedback (as long as it’s constructive feedback). In fact, we are planning to ask YOU what entries you would like to see covered in the future, so stay tuned and follow us on Facebook and especially on Twitter, where we will probably post some polls where you can participate. Yes, we are aware of the the most important entries and we’re constantly working on them, but feel free to suggest any you’d like to see in the future!

When will the new Battledex go live?

Well, good news, as the new Battledex IS live. You will see a general sortable Table with some entries we’re planning to publish in the near future, along with four different ratings (attack, defense, generalist and Tier). Right now, the one and only entry that is live is Dragonite (it’s the only one with a “GO” link on the Table), but the other ones will go live soon!

Do not worry, the list will expand and feature legendary and mythical Pokémon, as well as Generation 3 Pokémon. The entries listed there are just the ones corresponding the older entries we had on the original Battledex.

With each new entry, the Table will update. Thus, you’ll be able to know where a specific Pokémon ranks from different perspectives. The Table is sortable, meaning that you can sort it by each of the different ratings listed.

We hope you are excited for the upcoming Battledex 2.0 series, as your team will get stronger and ready to battle! Feel free to use the comments section to tell us how you feel about this upcoming series or if you have any suggestion or comment you’d like to tell us. As always, keep an eye on our social media as we’ll probably post news and updates there.

See you on the Hub, trainers!

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