World’s first 100% Zygarde has been evolved in Pokémon GO!

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Trainers, attention! A Trainer from Japan has managed to do the unthinkable – collect enough Zygarde cells by following Routes to evolve a complete, 100% Zygarde! Zygarde is a Pokémon that can only be obtained and evolved by farming Pokémon GO Routes, which are notoriously scarce in most areas of the world!

Take a look at the moment of evolving a 100% Zygarde:

Zygarde is notoriously difficult to get in Pokémon GO, as you need to farm Zygarde cells to evolve, and you can only get 3 cells per day. Not only that, but every Route you complete each day has a single chance to grant you a Cell, meaning that repeating the same Route has no effect on getting a Zygarde Cell from that route.

In other words, in order to get 250 Cells that are needed to evolve a 100% Zygarde all the way from its 10% base form, you need at least 84 days, if you are able to get 3 Cells per day. This is extremely difficult in most areas of the world, where there is not an abundance of Routes, and where you can often only complete 1 Route per day – as that is your only nearby Route!

All of this, combined with the randomness of Zygarde Cell drops, makes this achievement even more impressive, but we must say that we are not surprised that it happened first in Japan. Japan has an incredible Pokémon GO culture, an abundance of in-game Routes, and a playerbase that is extremely dedicated. If you try rewatching the video attached to the post, you will notice that the player has 112 million Stardust! 

We can also see that Zygarde has the Best Friend ribbon, but that comes as no surprise to anyone. We speculate that this player has been hard at work for the past three months, walking Routes non-stop every day with his/hers Zygarde. 

Congratulations to the Japanese player who achieved this, this is not a small feat!

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