Rumor: Pokemon GO’s Generation IV could be featured in a special evolution-themed event

Pokémon GO Datamine

Trainers… put on your tinfoil hats for this one. Yesterday, approximately 24 hours ago, a thread was posted on /r/pokemongo and cross posted on /r/thesilphroad, indicating / hinting that Generation IV Pokemon could be introduced through an in-game event next week.

Before we share the contents of the leak, we just want to be double sure you understand that this is not confirmed and that there is nothing in the APK to support this. The only reason why we’re sharing this leak is because the source was correct once before, with a correct and accurate leak of last years Water Festival, which introduced shiny Magikarp and Gyarados.

Beware, leak / rumor ahead

With that being said, according to the source of the leak, a new event is coming next week, called the “Evolution Event”. It includes:

  • Gen 4 evolutions of previous Gen pokemon (they mentioned Magmortar, Electivire and Rhyperior specifically)
  • New evolution items, including elemental stones (not sure about this, they never had fire stone and such so I’m confused)
  • Double XP for evolving and spinning pokestops
  • Pokemon max storage increased to 2000
  • Increased rate of evolution items from pokestops
  • Increased spawn rate of evolved pokemon
  • Gen 3 evolutions finally released in the wild (except Milotic)
  • New quests that reward evolution items
  • New raids with previous evolution item pokemon (they mention Scizor as example)
  • New shop boxes with lucky eggs and raid passes
  • We will get a new update before the event

Curiously, even the source of the leak is not sure if the leak is correct or not:

So I’m back with a new leak, after a loooong time. For those who don’t know me, I’m the guy who leaked the Water Festival event and a double XP one. Seems like the group where I used to get information from wasn’t giving it anymore. But now they are, again. This time, without the full release text (seems like Niantic made sure translators wouldn’t leak stuff anymore), just some vague information. Let me tell you, I’m not really sure about it this time but I want to share to see your opinion anyways.

The GO Hub team has tried reaching out to the source of the leak, but to no avail, so we can’t provide any more information on the validity of these claims. We’ve tried working through our back channels, but again, nothing new surfaced. Hence the delay in reporting this.

Our thoughts on the matter

Eh… we don’t really know what to make of this. It’s summer, the Pokemon GO Summer tour is in full swing, there are events left and right (Legendary Beasts in Field Research, Regis in T5 raids, Moltres and Eevee days ahead of us) and it does sound silly for Niantic to release even more content.

As soft preparation, we created a new Pokemon GO Generation IV Guides and Pokemon section, but we’re not holding our breath for this one. Previous generation releases were always followed by a predictable stream of leaks, APK discoveries and hints.

We don’t really see Gen IV happening this way, or at least this soon, but we could be wrong.

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