Wingull and Pelipper

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If you’ve played Pokémon on any handheld console, you’d probably have an idea how useful this Pokémon is… it’s not, not at all. We can see resemblance of that irrelevance in Pokémon GO also. When the time comes, you’ll be catching Wingull and Pelipper for their Pokédex entry and Stardust alone.

There’s honestly nothing to get excited here. From Pokemon GO Pelipper’s low CP (1969), low offensive stats ATK (175) and STA (120), to even its average DEF (189)… Pelipper is shaping up to be worthless any way we look at it.

It may have dual water flying type, but it doesn’t have any good stats to back it. In other words, Wingull and Pelipper are simply going to bring disappointment.

On the other hand, it’s at least better than Taillow and Swellow.

Wingull made its television debut on the 292th episode of the Pokémon series (Advanced Generation: Episode 18) titled, “On a Wingull and a Prayer!”. Pelipper made its television debut on the 274th episode of the Pokémon series titled, “Hoenn Alone”.

278 Wingull
water flying
106 61 80 642
279 Pelipper
water flying
175 189 120 1969

Position in the meta game

Unfortunately, there is no place for this Pokémon on the tier lists. It’s purpose in the game is to provide some Stardust and fill it’s slot in the Pokedex.

Also, there are no known future evolution for Pelipper. So, once you record Pelipper in your Pokédex, well… that’s basically all there is.

We predict that this Poké family will be available in the Water biomes and near sea beds.

Pelipper Moves in Pokémon Go

Pelipper has a rather good move pool, but this shouldn’t come as a surprise –  Pelipper’s typing is one of the better ones out there!

Here are some of Pelipper’s possible Pokemon GO moves:

  • Aerial Ace flying
  • Air Cutter flying
  • Hydro Pump water
  • Brine water
  • Scald water

Here are some of other possible moves we might see if they come to Pokemon GO:

  • Air Slash flying
  • Gust flying
  • Sky Drop flying
  • Whirlpool water

Shiny Wingull and Pelipper in Pokemon GO

A normal Wingull has white feathers almost all over its body. It has light blue-tipped feathers, and light blue stripes near the tips of its long, flat wings. A normal Pelipper also has white feathers. It has blue crest on its head, blue colored wing tips, and blue feet. It also has a large yellow bill that extends along its underside.

A shiny Wingull has white feathers almost all over its body. It has bright green-tipped feathers, and bright green stripes near the tips of its long, flat wings. A shiny Pelipper in Pokemon GO has white feathers in most parts of its body. It has a bright green crest on its head, bright green colored wing tips, and bright yellow feet. 


Wingull Pelipper
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