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Gaining a new perspective for your AR photography can really give you a whole new way of coming up with concepts for your Pokémon GO AR photos. We’ve talked about utilising glitches for your Flying and floating Pokémon, but what about looking down on Pokémon instead? This can be a really useful technique to see your Pokémon in a new light, especially when combined in with the Tiny Pokémon technique!

Speaking of the Tiny Pokémon technique, I used that here to make Meltan extra small, so they fit in the drawer of this tool box. I spawned Meltan in on the floor, while I stood over them, and then covered my camera to forcibly move the Meltan into the tool box. It was a fairly quick snap, but it was a setting that suited Meltan, with their nut inspired design. I wanted to look down on Meltan for a very different angle from other photos I have taken of them, so made sure the tool box was on a table, and their spawn point was below me on the floor, in order to be able to look down on Meltan.

The AR Buddy Mode can also be a great tool in using this different angle for photographing your Pokémon. In Buddy Mode, the Pokémon you are photographing will turn their head to face you, and when photographed from above, that adds extra cuteness! It can give a feeling of closeness in your AR photos, making your Pokémon more pet-like. Almost like how your pet dog may sit at your feet and look up at you adoringly, so too can Charmander in Buddy Mode.

Looking down on a Pokémon can also give you a new feature to emphasise, or allow you to see a part of their design that you haven’t been able to before. I’m not the biggest fan of Yungoos in terms of their design, but once shiny their stripe turns pink it is much better. From this angle you get to appreciate the stripe, and their little feets! Much cuter than usual.

Some Pokémon have designs that truly can only be appreciated from above, like Foongus. In GO you can’t see the design that makes them unique when they are sat in your collection, and you can barely tell if it is shiny or not because the off-white parts barely change, and the red parts that change to purple at the back. By photographing it from above, you get to see why this trickster Pokémon is so fun, that Pokéball design works so well for this weird little mushroom. It makes me appreciate them a lot more!

Photographing from a higher angle is also another way to make your AR photos seem realistic. Many Pokémon are a lot smaller than human beings, so we would be looking down at them to view them. For example, Cascoon is described as being 70cm tall, so most people would look down at them. Joltik is a teensy tiny 10cm, and newbie Gimmighoul in their Roaming Form is also 10cm! There are a lot of surprisingly small Pokémon, even without shrinking them down to make them smaller to photograph.

Pokémon that are currently in GO that are very small, and therefore ideal to photograph from above also includes Comfey, Cosmog, Diglett, Flabébé, Dedenne, Spritzee, Azurill, Budew, Burmy, and so many more! There are plenty more to come too, Sinistea, Applin, Shroodle, Rellor, I can already imagine the photos of them. What Pokémon do you think deserve to be photographed from this different angle?

Whilst smaller Pokémon may be the easier to photograph from higher angles, you may still need to accommodate their height to successfully photograph them. Being too close to a Pokémon will give a warning that you are too close, with the screen becoming blurred out. If you want to photograph a very large Pokémon from above you’ll need to utilise a decent sized space with varying heights, such as a footbridge, with ground below that you can spawn the Pokémon in on. Stairs can also be helpful if you are indoors!

Do you have photos taken from unusual angles of Pokémon? Don’t forget to use our hashtag #GOHubAR to share them with us!

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