Niantic has finally announced the Pokémon GO Holiday event for this year, starting today, December 21st and lasts through January 4.


  • 20 new Pokémon
  • festive Pikachu is back
  • sales from December 21st to January 3th, featuring a new item Star Piece
  • Kyogre raid boss confirmed as the next Legendary boss battle

The following perks and bonuses are available during the event:

According to the cover image tweeted by the official Pokémon GO twitter account, Kyogre has been confirmed as the next legendary Raid boss. 

Reversal was the first one to spot it:

Luckily for you dear reader, the Hub has already written a complete guide on countering Kyogre, so we suggest read the following article a thoroughly: Kyogre Raid Boss guide.

In order to prepare for the event, we suggest you read the following Hub guides (in addition to the Pokémon guides listed above):

  • Josh Hack

    I didn’t see anything about Delibird, is he coming out for Christmas or never?

    • the2000guy

      It should be. Delibird must be the surprise for everyone. Remember that Niantic like surprises. Ditto was spotted unexpectively last year. So we expect that this year will be either from today, or as a gift from december 25th…

      • Brady Newton

        oh i hope its not on christmas day

      • hkmaly

        I already caught it.

  • Hee Chan Chae


  • Zhen Ex

    Does this mean we have to wait until 1.00 pm to spin the first pokestop?

    • the2000guy

      No, the incubator is starting tomorrow the 22th

    • Higher_Ground

      actually not a bad question, though it could simply mean the first one you do after 1 pm that day, not just for the first stop bonus. I don’t personally want to wait until 4 PM EST to spin my first stop, either.

      • Ben

        Last year they meant your first spin of the day, and if you had spun a Pokestop earlier then you couldn’t get that incubator for the day😕 Sadly, I learned that the hard way last year spinning a Pokestop too early to get the first day’s incubator as I had already spun a Pokestop before the Incubator part of the event had begun🤦‍♂️

        Thankfully though, since the incubator part of this event doesn’t start until tomorrow at 1pm Pacific time, maybe I’ll be able to get an incubator for the first day that happens this year😎

        • Higher_Ground

          i don’t think it starts until tomorrow (27 hrs from now), so you should still be good

      • Robdebobrob

        Last year it was like this. They said they would fix it, but there is no guarantee they did. If you are still able, i would wait.

  • W1LL1AM04

    No bonus Dust or XP?

    • vegetano1

      new item for bonus stardust and no xp,.. starpiece

  • Jayden Plays Pokemon GO

    January 3th? And Groudon is gonna be here til January 15. So Legendaries are gonna have monthly rotations and the eon duo maybe having a 50/50 chance of each one hatching. But I know this (Groudon) cuz I got a Pokémon Center email (idk why) and it said Groudon here til January 15th

  • Robdebobrob

    Saying Kyogre is confirmed based off of that picture is really not true. By the same logic we should have a Wingull right now, cause hes in the loading screen picture.
    It is highly EXPECTED Kyogre will be the next one, also because we have Groudon now. But we all also thought Ho-oh would come right after Lugia, and that took quite some time aswell.

  • Pokemon Trainer N

    Definitely excited for this event. It’s great that the GO HUB has returned to making strictly PO:GO articles. On that note, I am also VERY glad that they created a separate HUB for Wizards Unite! That was a much better and reader-friendly decision than posting that stuff here. This way, those who will NOT be playing Wizards (Like myself) can stay here for PO:GO updates, while those who do want to try the new game can go to the sister site! Brilliant!

  • peponzio

    Woke up to this. Someone in our chatgroup posted the tweet and I checked Niantics Lab just a few minutes before Go Hub made the article. I’m so looking forward to later today.

    Also many questioned about the daily incubator timings in the group. We’re all in doubt.

    Lastly, I wonder how the boxes will work. In the data mine there were six images, a purple box, a blue one, a green one, a light blue one, a red one, and a yellow one. So, what? Three boxes for 21st to 25th with modules, incubators, and star pieces AND three different color boxes from 25th to jan 4th with raid passes instead of modules?

    Will the prices and quantities be the same? Should I wait for 25th boxes?

  • Carrie Kay Hoke

    Almost caught Delibird!!!!

  • Quinn Dolphins

    I’ve caught a delibird, not very exiting because I completed 1st and some 2nd gen

  • Ptr05872

    Do lures also last longer? Mine is running for an hour

  • Slayer Lamp

    lures are 6 hrs again

  • vision33r

    Already caught like 4x Delibirds. Too easy and they’re everywhere.

  • Vaneta Gregory

    Also festive pikachus have the present move, like delibird

  • Gianluca G.D.

    “Free single use incubator every day
    From December 22 at 1:00 p.m. PST and December 25 at 1:00 p.m. PST, you will get a free single use Egg Incubator for your first PokéStop visit”

    I didn’t get it. Anyone did?

    • G-Walla

      It won’t be 1 pm pacific for about 6 and a half hours.

  • Kuestenzauberer

    Delibird and Festive Pokemon both yield 250 stardust, btw.

  • Peter Godthart Nielsen

    Did anyone find Lotad? or one from its evolutiong tree?, as this post states that its one of the 20 new that came at the 21th december, i just wonder why i havnt seen any in a almost 12hours farm run.

    • vegetano1

      Best change to find Lotad near the water,.. found 1 🙂

  • vegetano1

    Anyone hatched a festive Pichu?