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Trainers, with the Ultra Bonus finally announced, we here at Go Hub figured a guide for everything would be appropriate as there is a lot to consider for this event. After all, we are getting: the Generation 1 regionals in 7Km friend eggs, Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos for a week until the 20th of September, Mewtwo in raids from the 20th to October 23rd, and more Kanto Pokémon running around in the wild. So without further ado, lets go over the best way to tackle this bonus, with this handy graphic to boot:

Ultra Bonus Reward
Ultra Bonus Reward

Regionals in 7 km Eggs during Ultra Bonus Event

For those that needed the Generation 1 regionals to round out their original 151 in the Pokédex, now is the time to do it, especially since the only indication of time is “through the end of September,” and even the start time is vague, only the Japanese article clarifies that 7km eggs picked up from the September 13th at 1PM PDT onward are eligible to be the regionals. In any case, if you want to snag a regional for yourself, since they specified the friendship only 7Km, you have to do some gifting.

For those with a bunch of friends, this should be no issue, just clear your egg tab by hatching all your eggs, and then once the event starts, start giving gifts to your friends and start opening any gifts you had prior, with a open egg inventory to receive regionals. Eggs are known to be determined when they arrive in the egg tab, and as far as the communities knowledge goes 7km eggs are not set in stone when they are sent as gifts. Only when opened and the egg is put in your inventory does the Pokémon inside get set. In the case you do not have a lot of friends, there are a few things you can do:

  • The Pokémon Go community at large has banded up in various ways to facilitate friends for the game, such as threads on our own Go Hub Forums or the Trading Subreddit.
  • If you are a part of a local community, such as Facebook or Discord, there is usually a place or procedure to giving out your friend code. In my personal experience, we have a channel named cv-league-trainer-codes where people all over the area post their codes, and my responses had been fast! I had never been so popular in my life!
  • Just ask people you meet! This is a social feature, if you do a raid with someone and you are not friends with them, if they seem alright exchange friend codes!

Whatever you do, just keep in mind with the friends feature you are showing people through gifts Pokéstops you are visiting, with usually a town and country name, so like almost everything in this game, be safe first and pay attention to your surroundings.

For those with money to spend or a loaded inventory, the fastest way to do this is with Super Incubators running, the reduced distance will make the walking grind less grueling. For those that are Free to Play with nary a incubator in sight, the best advice is get on the Gym System game so you can get some coins and save up for either Super Incubators or regular ones. 3 days of 50 coins will give you a regular incubator, or one day more will give a super. I would recommend just getting the regular incubator at that point, assuming that it ends on the end of September, September 30th, if you had no coins and got 50 today and everyday until the 30th, you would get 1050 coins, and be able to get 7 regular incubators, versus only 5 supers. This would only be subject to change if Niantic rolls out a different set of sale boxes, but as of now the sales are not good for the incubator-inclined.

Finally, for those wondering, no, none of these regionals are particularly meta-defining. This runs coutner to the fact that main series Mega Kangaskhan is a monster and Tauros was an absolute powerhouse for generations before it just got powercreeped and walled by steel and rock types.

Raiding: The Birds and Mewtwo

The birds will be around with their shiny forms for a week, from the 13th to the 20th, with Mewtwo taking over thereafter until the 23rd of October. To make things easy, we have this chart here with links to their respective guides, boosting weather, cp range, and a sort of quick glance at the best counters:

Raid boss CP Range Weather Quick Counters Guide Link
Mewtwo Psychic
  • 2184-2275
  • 2730-2844
  • Shadow Claw/Shadow Ball Gengar,
  • Shadow Ball Mewtwo,
  • Bite/Crunch Tyranitar
Moltres FireFlying
  • 1788-1870
  • 2235-2337
Windy Sunny
  • Smack Down/Stone Edge Tyranitar
Zapdos ElectricFlying
  • 1820-1902
  • 2275-2378
Windy Rainy
  • Smack Down/Stone Edge Tyranitar
Articuno IceFlying
  • 1599-1676
  • 1999-2095
Snow Windy
  • Smack Down/Stone Edge Tyranitar

There will be more Kanto raid bosses besides these legendaries, however we do not know if it will be of the same crop we have had before, or new ones will come about. When the time comes and we see what there is in raids, we will update graphics and add guides as necessary. So keep an eye out, for all we know the Kanto starters might make a return, maybe a Dragonite in raids finally, maybe tier 4 Chansey, who knows!

Kanto Spawns

Finally, the last section of this guide is to just update that like the Kanto Event back in April, more Kantonian Pokémon will be out and about.

For which ones are good, we already had a guide on that here, but for a quick Tl;Dr, here is the lowdown:

  • Machop, Exeggute, Magikarp (shiny possible), and Dratini (shiny possible) for rare, powerful Pokémon
  • Eevee (Shiny possible and meta relevant evolutions)
  • Growlithe (Only cause shiny possible)
  • Rhyhorn, Tangela, Magnemite, Electabuzz, Magmar, Lickilicky, and Porygon for Generation IV

Again, for an in-depth analysis of best Kanto spawns, check out our  Best Pokémon to catch during the Kanto Week Celebration, which is a previous event guide, but features same Generation Pokemon.

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