Pokémon GO update enables GO Plus+ connectivity, breaks some older devices

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An update for Pokémon GO was silently pushed, allowing Pokémon GO Plus+ devices to connect to the game. A handful of Trainers reported that the device started connecting to the game, even though this was previously not possible. It is likely Niantic enabled the connectivity on their end and whitelisted the device.

On the flip side, some Trainers reported problems with their older GO Plus device roughly around the same time, so doing a complete reconnection is recommended. Remove and re-add to be sure.

A few new details and screenshots have come up about the Pokémon GO Plus+ device, all of which were shared by a redditor named u/doomshtick:

In other news, it seems that the regular GO Plus device is pretty broken at the moment, especially on Android side of things. Here are some problems players have reported:

  • After Restarting Game, GO Plus Will Not Try to Catch Pokémon Even Though “Identify Nearby Pokémon” is Enabled. Have to Disable and Re-Enable the Setting Before Catching Works Again.
  • Push notifications randomly turning on without Trainer explicitly setting them.
  • Frequent disconnects
  • Failure to catch Pokémon while paired

Given the nature of this problem, we fully recommend that Trainers reconnect their Accessory devices, turn Bluetooth on and off, and if they can, clear Bluetooth cache. Most of these problems were reported on 0.277.0 update.

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