Blanche, Candela and Spark fights can be completed every day in order to level up your Ace Trainer medal and get easy Stardust rewards. Team Leaders are not difficult opponents, but it’s worth knowing which Pokemon they have and how to counter them.


Blanche is the leader of Team Mystic and she’s the master of Water and Ice Pokemon. Her Pokemon roster perfectly reflects this, as she transitions from Water into Ice team as the fight becomes harder.

Countering Blanche:

  • Great League – easily defeated by a single Grass type. Low level Venusaur, Tangela, or a Roserade are all viable options and you should have no problems with them.
  • Ultra League – easily defeated by using a mix of strong Fighting type to counter Glalie and Lapras (we recommend Machamp) and anything else you need to counter Alolan Ninetales. Keep in mind that the upper CP limit is 2500!
  • Master League – usually, one Smack Down Tyranitar will do the trick, provided that Lapras doesn’t faint it, which rarely happened in our testing. If it happens, then use your second Smack Down Tyranitar. Gliscor is a bit odd in this tier, but it does take neutral damage from Rock type moves.

Recommended Pokemon versus Blanche:

Great League Ultra League Master League
Pokemon GO TangelaTangelaGrass Pokemon GO FlareonFlareonFire Pokemon GO TyranitarTyranitarRock Dark
Pokemon GO MachampMachampFighting


Candela is the lead or Team Valor and she’s the master of Fire Pokemon. Candela starts of with a team of pure Fire types and slowly transitions into more complex typing and tries to directly counter your Water team with Electivire.

Countering Candela:

  • Great League – a single Kabutops, or Omastar, or a leftover Hydro Cannon Blastoise from Community Day is a perfect choice for defeating Candela’s Great League roster. You shouldn’t have any problems here.
  • Ultra League – a single Vaporeon (or Omastar) with Water Gun and Hydro Pump is enough to clear the Ultra League stage. Alolan Marowak and Infernape are welcome surprises, but all of Candela’s Pokemon can be OHKO-ed with Hydro Pump.
  • Master League – Candela’s Master League roster is quite interesting, although very easy. You want a strong Water type to defeat Infernape (Vaporeon, or better, Kyogre or Gyarados), and you want a strong Rock type to defeat Moltres (Smack Down Tyranitar does wonders here). Electivire will potentially defeat your initial Water type, but you can easily finish it off with a swapped Pokemon.

Recommended Pokemon versus Candela:


Spark is the leader of Team Instict and he’s the master of Electric Pokemon. Spark is an interesting opponent to fight against, as he starts off with a team of strong Electric types and tries to actively counter you. Unfortunately for Spark, we’ve brushed up on our Type advantages and disadvantages knowledge!

Countering Spark:

  • Great League – One strong Ground type with dual Ground type moves should do the trick without too much hassle.
  • Ultra League – Counterable in the same way as it is in the Great League. Use one strong Ground type (Rhydon, Rhyperior) to glide through Spark’s electrifying line up. Rock types are in the danger of Magneton’s Steel moves.
  • Master League – Spark’s only surprise in the Master League is Milotic, who’s Water typing directly counters Rhydon, Rhyperior and Tyranitar. Just power through it with a Mewtwo or something else that deals high amounts of neutral damage. Zapdos can easily be taken down by one SD Tyranitar.

Recommended Pokemon versus Spark:

Great League Ultra League Master League
Pokemon GO MarowakMarowakGround Pokemon GO RhydonRhydonGroundRock Pokemon GO MewtwoMewtwoPsychic
Pokemon GO TyranitarTyranitarRock Dark

Hidden mechanics in Leader Battles

Each team leader battle has a few hidden mechanics that are activated depending on the League you compete in. All of these mechanics are were discovered in the Game Master, hidden away in something that Niantic calls “Trainer Personality”.

There are three Trainer Personalities and Blanche, Candela and Spark use all three of them as you go through the Leagues:

Personality / Mechanic Easy Medium Hard
Super Effective Chance 25% 66% 100%
Special Chance 33% 66% 100%
Offensive Minimum Score 10% 30% 70%
Offensive Maximum Score 10% 70% 100%
Used in league Great Ultra Master

Each of the mechanics listed above has a different impact on the encounter:

  • Super Effective Chance is the chance that your opponent’s Pokemon will have a move that deals SE damage to your Pokemon (if applicable given your Pokemon and his Pokemon’s move pool). Trainers with Hard Personality will always use Pokemon with SE moves.
  • Special Chance describes how often your opponent will use a charged move if it has energy to use it.
  • Offensive min and max score are currently being investigated. We’ll have more to share about this in the future.