Pokemon Sleep: Maintenance and Version 1.2.0 Update

Pokémon Sleep researchers! Version 1.2.0 is on the way, with new updates, adjustments to improve the usability of certain Pokémon, and more!

In order to update the app’s version, maintenance will be conducted during the following time period.

Maintenance Period:

  • Starts: 
  • Ends: 

Balance Adjustments Update general icon

Some Pokémon will have their inventory limits increased, in order to improve their usability, which is a fantastic quality of life update!

The below Pokémon will have their carry limits increased:

  • Kangaskhan: +2
  • Pinsir: +2
  • Ditto: +4
  • Heracross: +3
  • Sableye: +6
  • Absol: +4

New Features general icon

  • Preparation for the “Valentine’s Day 2024” event.
  • Addition of 2 new Dessert/Drink recipes to commemorate the Valentine’s Day event.
  • Addition of a feature that allows researchers to check their recipes at any time from the cooking pot on the home screen.
  • Addition of a feature that allows researchers to extend the effect duration of the Good Camp Ticket.
  • After using 1 Good Camp Ticket, researchers can use more to extend the duration up to a max of 60 days. For example: After using 1 Good Camp Ticket, a researcher uses 2 more tickets to extend the effect duration to 21 days (7 days × 3 tickets).
  • Addition of a feature that allows researchers to use multiple ingredients by tapping and holding on the ingredient while choosing ingredients for cooking.

Bug Fixes general icon

  • Fixes to other small bugs

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