Pokémon Sleep: New Trial Bundle, Maintenance, Level Updates and More!

A host of Pokémon Sleep news is upon us, from the first raising of the level cap, planned maintenance, other updates and a new trial bundle!

Maintenance general icon

Maintenance will be conducted during the following time period to update the app:

  • Starts:
  • Ends: 

There is no timezone listed for this maintenance, but it is typically UTC, so plan your sleep accordingly!

New Features & Updates general icon

  • Addition of a new product, Trial Bundle. (more info below)
  • Addition of a subsection on the Stats page (viewable from the Edit Teams screen) to display the effects of helper Pokémon’s sub skills. This makes it possible to view each team member’s helping frequency with the effects of Helping Bonus applied.
  • When a player uses a Helper Whistle, the effects will be calculated based on the frequency listed under Helping Stats on the Stats page (viewable from the Edit Teams screen). This applies the effects of the sub skill Helping Bonus when a Helper Whistle is used. Note: The effects of event bonuses or items such as a Good Camp Ticket are not applied when a Helper Whistle is used.
  • Addition of a new parameter to search Pokémon by: Sub Skills.
  • Addition of a new Relaxing Sound, “Game Sync.”
  • Changes to the End Sleep Session button so a session stops with a slide rather than a tap. This makes it more difficult to end a sleep session by accidentally tapping the button.
  • Details added to explanatory text for certain items, such as the Helper Whistle and the Good Camp Ticket.
  • Other small bug fixes.

Level Cap Updates general icon

Research rank, helper Pokémon max levels, and other limits have been raised! This is fantastic news for trainers who had already hit the max level, giving more to grind for.

  • Research rank: 50 → 55
  • Pokémon level: 50 → 55
  • Max levels of certain main skills: 6 → 7
  • Charge Strength S
  • Charge Strength M
  • Dream Shard Magnet S
  • Note: Other main skills’ max levels are scheduled to be gradually unlocked in later updates.
  • Recipe level: 50 → 55
  • Max expanded capacity of the bag’s items pocket: 600 → 700

Trial Bundle general icon

A Trial Bundle, filled with items and diamonds, will be available beginning 29th February 2024 at 05:00. Unlike the usual bundles that are exchanged for diamonds, the Trial Bundle can be purchased directly. Pokémon Sleep recommend it for researchers who’d like to try out a Good Camp Ticket or those who want to work harder on their sleep research.

Availability Period: 29th February 2024 05:00 to 8th July 2024 05:59

The price varies depending on your currency and region, so please check your device’s shop.

Trial Bundle Contents:

  • Diamonds (paid) ×150
  • Diamonds (bonus) ×350
  • Poké Biscuit ×10
  • Good Camp Ticket ×1

Notes: One available per user.

Based on the state of your device’s store, the bundle may not appear in the shop. If that is the case, please wait and try again.

A Good Camp Ticket is a ticket that allows you to rent a Good Camp Set, which is useful for raising Snorlax and for your sleep research. The effects will last for seven days.

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