Unreleased Favorites Part 3: Mega Lucario

Mega Rayquaza was recently announced to debut in Pokémon GO during the GO Fest events in August. And that got me thinking: what are some cool mega Pokémon that are yet to be released in Pokémon GO? We already have some cool megas in the game, such as Mega Latios and Latias and Mega Salamence but we also have many bangers that are yet to be introduced to the game, and Mega Lucario is one of them. 


Lucario has been a fan favourite Pokémon since its introduction to the Pokémon franchise. It is currently very hard to obtain in Pokémon GO since it evolves from Riolu, an egg-exclusive Pokémon. Riolu generally comes around during Easter events making its appearance in the special 2 or 7-kilometre eggs. It has been five whole years since Riolu and Lucario were first released into Pokémon GO so I believe that it won’t be long until we see a Mega Lucario debut.

Speculation Time

For the in-person GO Fests this year, we have tons of new habitats with exciting spawns as usual. But one of the habitats for each in-person GO Fest has Lucario as a wild spawn. And not only that, but it can also be shiny in the wild for the first time. If a Mega Pokémon is released into the game, it can appear as shiny. I think that this is a teaser or a hint to the upcoming megas in the next season of Pokémon GO. Maybe Mega Lucario will be featured in this year’s “Test Your Mettle” event. Or it could also be that Mega Lucario will be released prior to the GO Fests, possibly in July. A special Riolu Hatch Day event takes place this weekend, without releasing Mega Lucario, but all signs point towards soon-ish!

Go fest nyc habitat
gofest london/osaka habitat

The Shiny

Shiny Mega Lucario

Riolu and Lucario are both wonderful-looking shinies and very exclusive too! Their bodies turn yellow instead of the original blue and the limbs and appendages become a shade of blue instead of the original black. Shiny Mega Lucario is even more of a beast. Its body is colorful, containing varied shades of red, blue, yellow, and black. 

General Stats

With current speculated stats, a Mega Lucario at level 50 would have a max CP of 4,504. Just insane for a non-mega and non-pseudo legendary Pokémon. These are the current predicted stats:

  • ATK: 310
  • DEF: 175
  • STA: 172

Currently, Lucario can learn the following moves:

Fast Move Charged Move
  • Counter Fighting
  • Bullet Punch Steel
  • Aura Sphere Fighting
  • Close Combat Fighting
  • Power-Up Punch Fighting
  • Shadow Ball Ghost
  • Flash Cannon Steel


Mega Lucario is Steel and Fighting type Pokémon, and once it comes to the game, it will be a beast for both those typings. With the moveset of Bullet Punch and Flash Canon, it will be the 7th best overall Steel type raid attacker, ranking below Shadow, Mega, and normal Metagross, Crowned Sword Zacian, and Shadow Scizor. If it gets a better Steel type charged move in the future, it is possible that Mega Lucario becomes even better.

But then Fighting type is where it’s going to shine the most. Fighting type is already one of the best types in the entire game due to so many raid bosses being weak against it (Rock, Ice, Steel, Dark, and Normal). With the moveset of Counter and Aura Sphere, Mega Lucario will be the #1 best overall Fighting type raid attacker in the game. Behind it, will be the likes of Mega Blaziken, Mega Heracross which is unreleased too, Terrakion, and Shadow Machamp. 

Hold, up! That’s not it. There’s one more thing: Rocket Battles. With its incredibly high attack stat, and quick charging, attack boosting move of Power-Up Punch. Lucario proves to be an incredible Pokémon while facing Team Go Rocket. Especially the Team Leaders and Giovanni. With Shadow Ball as a coverage move, it can sweep entire teams. Mega Lucario will be a direct upgrade of this and help out much more because these battles can sometimes prove to be quite difficult. 

From MeteorAsh’s old article- https://pokemongohub.net/post/guide/lucario-meta-analysis/


  • Mega Lucario will only be allowed in the Mega Master League once it drops
  • Currently, Lucario ranks #160 in the open ML; Mega Lucario will be a direct upgrade.
  • Its optimal moveset for PVP will be Counter/Power-Up Punch-Shadow Ball.
  • It won’t be that common with Pokémon like Primal Groudon dominating the Meta.
  • But it will still be able to handle things like Dialga, Shadow Lax, Lugia, and Metagross.
  • It will perform well as a spice pick for trainers, but PVE is where it will shine the most


To conclude, Mega Lucario is going to be a great addition to Pokémon GO. I can’t wait for it to be released into the game, as it is a super cool-looking Pokémon and one of my favorites as well. What about you? When do you think Mega Lucario will drop, and are you excited for its release? Let me know in the comments below.

And until next time, trainers!

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