The Unreleased Pokémon of Gen III, IV and V

With the recent launch of some Galarian Pokémon in Pokémon GO, skipping all of Gen VII, a bunch of Gen VI, and even some Gen V, I realised we are missing Pokémon from as far back as Gen III! So today I’m going to take a look at those missing Pokémon whose appearance in game seems forgotten about.

Generation III

I mean, we all knew who I was going to say for Gen III right? Poor Kecleon hasn’t been mentioned, bar a random glitch way back when Meltan first appeared. We’ve been speculating for years about when they might finally appear, but still nothing. Kecleon being forgotten about is a meme at this point, and it has left some of us wondering if they will ever appear in Pokémon GO. Much like shiny ditto, Kecleon has obviously been trickier to come up with a way to work in game, but just give us a research task or something already, we want them!

Generation IV

For Gen IV, we are only missing Mythical Pokémon at this point. There has been plenty of speculation about Arceus, many thought they might make an appearance instead of Hoopa as part of the Ultra Unlock, but alas, no such luck! Arceus is a hugely popular Pokémon, and it feels like we will need a big event to introduce them in game at this point. And how all the different forms are handled is a whole other issue.

Phione and Manaphy, the Sea Guardians, are a very much forgotten about. I can’t remember the last time I even saw someone mention these two. I’d like to think we will potentially get a research story that involves these two as a set, rather than individual stories, as it just makes sense to have them together. A Water themed event, with a Professor Willow story line about chasing these two would be so cute.

And lastly, that cutie Shaymin! Another adorable Mythical with two forms, land and sky, that is completely MIA. Shaymin is a Pokémon I know will be hugely popular with the AR squad. It seems kind of odd to think we had Victini before any of these earlier Mythical Pokémon, but that’s where we are.

I’ve not included Rotom in this list, because technically Rotom has been released in game, but it has only ever appeared at one event, Pokémon GO Fest 2020, and hasn’t been seen since. Only Wash Rotom was released, leaving us with a whole host of other forms, and a general release, that is still mostly forgotten about.

Generation V

By the time we get to Gen V, we are missing a fair few! Dark type Zorua and their evolution Zoroark have had plenty of opportunity to be released in Halloween events, so maybe 2021 Halloween with the Season of Mischief will be the time they finally release? Gen V has been a strange release, quite stunted and in small bursts, so who knows?

Druddigon is a missing Dragon type that we’ve been waiting for for what feels like a long time at this point! Our resident Dragon Expert MeteorAsh15 has already excitedly analysed it, way back in December 2020. They are an interesting looking dinosaur type dragon, and I bet they have some big stans.

Larvesta and Volcarona are Bug and Fire types that I know I personally cannot wait for. Volcarona is a hugely popular Pokémon, and I’m so surprised they haven’t been released yet! I know there will be a ton of hype for these when they are finally in game, and at 400 candies to evolve, some serious grinding to be done! Volcarona has some amazing potential as a bug type, but will also be one of the best fire types in game too thanks to its type resistances.

Keldeo is a Water and Fighting type horse inspired Mythical that again, seems completely neglected and absent. Meloetta finally appeared this year at Pokémon GO Fest 2021, so maybe Keldeo will follow suit soon? It has two different forms, Ordinary and Resolute, so it will be interesting to see how that is handled in game.

Of course, we are also missing Black and White Kyurem forms, having only had the normal form so far. These two forms are the much more hyped forms, and will be most welcome in raids! In terms of other forms, the Zen modes for Darmanitan are also missing, the Pirouette form of Meloetta, and the Chill, Douse and Shock versions of Genesect.


With the introduction of Wooloo, Falinks and Skwovet from Gen VIII, before we have had a single Gen VII Pokémon, the timeline for releasing Pokémon in GO seems to have gone a bit wild! It certainly makes things more exciting and less predictable, but it would be great to see some of these Pokémon that we are missing finally in game. There are some real fan favourites missing here! We are missing even more from Gen VI, but with Inkay being released with the Psychic Spectacular, a potential hint at Furfrou for Fashion Week, and teaser of Dedenne and Phantump on the new loading screen, it looks like we have plenty of Gen VI to come in 2021.

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